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New Owner/Builder
Welcome Jerry!

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Jessica Warren
Marketing Director

Aloha Jerry,

Welcome to the group. Try to make the Fly-In March 30-31. I am planning on bringing my 285, doing some maintenance and having fun flying. Hope to see you!

XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014
Just a quick follow up, I ended up receiving the drive and controls kits just a few days after this previous post.  I never meant this to sound like the guys at CFx weren't hard at work and very busy, I know they are.  I just got a bit frustrated to hear build assists were being completed while i was stuck waiting.  I let my frustration get the better of me, my apologies.  Anyway, back to building!  The quality of the parts are top notch, lots of CNC bits and pieces!  I'm hoping to have my bird ready for airworthiness inspection by summer.
Hi Jerry, I'm Darrell, from Qld. Would you send a phone number and time we can chat. Email is Thanks Darrell.

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