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O-rings in fuel tanks of my air
I’ve read the assembly manual but do not see a reason for these rings. I started to take one I found out but then noticed there was one in each tank. So I thought there might be a reason. Any ideas? The gaskets seemed to all be on the caps. [Image: f0b79af7c67d5532fd26d743378b3281.jpg]

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sent you an email

Is it a secret? Why don't you post your response for everyone to see it. Isn't this something that could be a safety issue?
Haven’t heard back yet. I will keep it posted

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My response was directed at Mike Messex. The issue of questions posted on the site and not being answered for everyone to see by Mike has been brought up in the past. Rather then him e mailing the poster with the answer I fell it would be helpful to all if he answered all questions online for all to read. If anyone else agrees with me then post your opinion here.
Certainly any information about Mosquito operations should be shared with all of us.
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If its relevant to all I post to all, registered owners and builders have priority of responses, if I feel a PM is appropriate to how I develop a response then that's how I will conduct my business, with the owner. I'm not going to debate how I answer questions on an open forum,
After a number of emails, phone calls and text messages the machine was purchased used and the "O" rings were found on inspection, they appear to be trash from an unknown source in the bottom of the tank. One of the possible sources that was explored was the fuel tank bushing the petcock is seated in possibly degrading.

There are two styles of fuel bushing differentiated by color 1) black, which are not ethanol resistant and 2) orange, which is ethanol resistant. Composite-FX utilizes and recommends the orange style
Thank you for the explanation. This is the kind of answer that everyone can find helpful.
I retrieved the O-rings .They came from the gas tank caps. There are two in each cap. I wasn’t aware of that. The small inner one was the ones that came off. My machine only has 11 hrs on it . I found the tabs that hold the O-rings in where bent out enough for them to fall in the tanks. Re bent and all is good. They must have been over tightened when tightening the caps on the tanks after fueling.thanks I hope this can help someone else. Look in your tanks!

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