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Flying an UL out of a towered airport?
Does anyone know if you can fly an UL out of a towered airport as long as you have a Transponder/ADSB?
A friend with a Mosi XEL spoke to the guys in the tower and told him he needed a radio and a # on his ship. He put a single "7" on his ship and that was it. My advice is to speak to the controllers, check the regulations, and get the "real" scoop from the FAA. First hand knowledge is always best!

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Finish: 5/24/2014
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Hey Animosity2K, did you get my pm that I sent you yesterday on this?
Dave Storey
A transponder and/or ADSB is NOT required to fly in class D (towered) airspace. Only a radio is required. Some towered airports can allow ULs.
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