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New member introduction and ask for help
(02-06-2020, 03:15 PM)Thank you Dave!I\ll check it for damage.storeyaviation Wrote: I looked thru BAJAs posts. Looks like it was built as an XEL in 2010. At 6 hours it had a low rpm induced hard landing. CFX rebuilt XEL to like new w/new upper paint scheme. Looks like John Uptigrove flew it at Oshkosh 2011. Didn't see any pictures with luggage compartment so it must have been added later. Caution, that may put you out of Part 103 weight limits. 

Original paint scheme.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1089]

John Uptigrove Oshkosh 2011.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1504]

Hope it helps.
Your welcome!
There shouldn't be any damage, at least from the hard landing in 2010. CFX repaired it and if John U flew it at Oshkosh the following summer, I'm sure it would have been repaired to like new.
Good luck and let us know what ya do.
Dave Storey
(02-05-2020, 01:33 AM)Valy Wrote: I contacted Mike and will arrange with him to inspect it before buying.
But before I fly Mike all the way to California, I'm going to inspect it myself. So, I'm trying to learn and since it will be my first time seeing the bird, I'm looking for advice.

My first concerns so far are:
1. Are all the parts there? I'm looking for a parts list. The seller claims this was inherited as a never finished project. I've seen some collectible cars under that description that were just missing the gearbox or carburetor or whatever. 
2. What have it been through? Seller doesn't know it so was it crashed/burned/engine swap?
3. What exactly is it? seller claims it's an Ultra Light that you don't need anything to fly it but it looks like an XE to me because of vertical stabilizers, no floats, extra box under cockpit (aux fuel or storage?)
4. Are there any updates I need to do to it? Seller says run before boxed but doesn't know when was it boxed and what was done to it prior to that.

Again any help or advise is highly appreciated. I know those forums are full of enthusiasts that have seen a thing or two and could help. 

Thanks for any hint.

This is the bird probably around first half of 2014 at Composite FX in Florida. This is before it was taken apart for shipping to the customer.

Did some one install a vertical stabilizer, or are you thinking the horizontal stabilizer's with wing- lets are vertical? If the horizonal stabilizers have been removed you will need them to fly with floats, to keep the nose up because of the drag with floats.  Get the tiny tach hours and let us know what they are. Hopefully they are current to what the 202 hours are. My ultra-lite # 1082 was completed in 2009  and the stator bracket which was made of cast broke and took out fly wheel magnets and It had to be sent back Canada to be repaired and balanced. The replacement bracket is made of billet aluminum. Unless some one can verifier that it was changed the only way to tell is to pull the fly wheel.  Feel free to E-mail me with more questions. I flew mine for over nine years, 118 hours.

Good luck  leo....
First, I want to thank you all for helping out. Special thanks to you Mike ( marcher07 ) for going out of your way to help me on this.

From research on this forum, this Mosquito XEL belonged to several members, including Baja and zich6, probably the last one to fly it. zich6 (Tim) sold it to someone in California that sadly passed away from natural causes before reassembling the helicopter. It is now sold by his heirs.

S/N: MXE1118K10B

The helicopter still has 51h on it as sold by zich6.

Current condition is: 
The bird is in pieces. A bunch of assembly hardware was nowhere to be found. No log book of any type.

- something got in the cooling fan and shaved the fan blades. 
- Pistons are full of carbon. 
- Looks to have bad maintenance overall. Something in the class of backyard mechanic. 
- Some wires were cut when engine was removed. 
In my opinion, it requires a full rebuild to be safe.

- From past stories, it was repaired after a hard landing at 6h. I could see that the windows pillars were cut and replaced.
- No other visible damage from that landing at this stage. It was all probably fixed some time ago. Landing skids and couples look perfect.
- Looks like the driveshaft was not mounted correctly, Mike noticed wrong hardware, missing washers, spacers, load spreader...
- 4" crack in the back of the upper rotor tower. This was cause by the driveshaft coupler hitting there
- driveshaft couple rubs on the top of the fuselage. Not properly aligned
- 4" crack at the top of the tower. Driveshaft alignment bolt presses against the fuselage and cracked it. Also, the misalignment of the driveshaft creates more forces to spread both cracks.
- the main rotor gear shaved the RPM sensor.
- fuel tank leaks in several places. Fuel sips under the paint and it started to bubble. There are 2 places where it looks like a crack but the paint is masking it a bit. Probably the tank needs to be fixed or replaced.

In my opinion, the damage is caused by bad maintenance but may also be a bad fuselage repair from the previous bad landing. If the fuselage was not properly braced when glued back, it would create stress cracks consistent with the description.

I debated whether to post this or not but I think it's important for a novice buyer to be aware of those issues. Proper repairs need to be done before this bird is fly worthy again.

Here is a link to all the picture I gathered. Some are old from the forum but all the close-ups are mine.

Forget, It !! Even if you got it free, it would have to go back to Trenton for a complete refurbishing. Sorry to say but this mosquito in my opinion is only good for one thing. Put the rotor back on, set it in your front yard and use it as a weather vane. Flowers would be a nice touch.

Totally agree. I'm posting this in hopes that I save someone's life. Literally.
It was an experience, fun one, and I must admit that I'm more determine now than before to take off.
I don't know how other Mosquitoes are, but looking at this one makes me think that some improvements are in line to increase serviceability.
For example, the tower piece could be easily removable and the fuel tank should be removable as well. How do you clean the fuel tank today?
Overall, the design is pretty solid. Really nicely done. Kudos to the Composite-FX guys.
On the positive side, after Valy posted his find, I was finally able to see a Mosquito in person and sit in one! I’m sure all you owners know the feeling, but it was really exciting to sit in one and do some garage flying! I found out that I fit great at 5’7”, and a helmet should be no problem. Gives me something to look forward to as I work toward my helicopter pilot license. Have to pass on this one, but I think I’ve been bitten!

As I mentioned my XEL  # 1082 was completed in 2009, Ricks 1118 in 2010. At that time the fuel tank were not sealed to protect the fiberglass from ethanol fuel. I took mine back to Trenton and had it sealed. They now have, about an 8 or 10 inch access removeable cover in the back of the fuel tank. If you look at another mosquito and It does not have the access cover look in the tank and if its not blue Its most likely not sealed.  I know your a long way from Trenton, but it would be well worth your time to attended the 2020 Fly-In. leo..

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