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Buy and Register my Mosquito in USA
Hi Guys
Need some help here if anyone has any up to date Info

1- I will buy XE3 or XET and register Experimental in USA (Not for export)I will keep it in USA and go there 3-5 months per year and relax and fly/Holiday/Work from there Possibly Long Beach CA
2- I will have my FAA private Helicopter License (Already 40% way through training)

I suppose main question here is can I do this as a NON US CITIZEN? I can get my license so surely I can purchase my own aircraft and fly there? Hope someone has already done this or has good info
Thanks in advance
PS-When I say work there I mean do my work from there over the internet not actually work in USA!!That is Illegal Smile


sent you a PM

Is The main place to buy the mosquito helicopters in Florida for the U.S.?
The Composites FX factory is in Florida where they build the kits and completed Helicopters. 
However they can ship as well.
CompositeFX is the Mosquito XE airframe builder and Mosquito XE assembly facility for those getting factory builds or factory assists done. You can visit them and usually see several versions of the Mosquito XE in construction at any time. They are also the dealer for all models of the Mosquito in the southeast US. You can see the other dealers around the US on the US map when you click on "contact us" on the website home page.
To answer your question about buying aircraft as a non-citizen, the answer is "yes you can"!

I bought an experimental aircraft and a regular registered aircraft in the US as a non-citizen and its not an issue at all. 
Don't remember the regulation # that permits this, but I do recall researching and reading the regulation before making my purchases.
You may also be able to export the aircraft into your own country depending on your destination countries regulations.
I don't recall there are any US restrictions on civilian aircraft leaving the US for another country.
which ones need a full faa license to fly?
(07-29-2019, 12:28 AM)jimzim58 Wrote: which ones need a full faa license  to fly?

All models, except the XEL (and Air - no longer made), must be registered as an experimental aircraft in the US.  There is no LSA category for rotorcraft.  This also means that the pilot must have at least a private helicopter rating and medical.

The XEL, when properly configured, can be flown as an ultralight under FAR Part 103 in the US.  No license or medical required.
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