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Transport Mosquito On What?
He means 7' 9''  (93'')   I had a 20' with a 3' v nose, I had about 6'' front & back. Remember you have a stinger sticking out beyond the tail boom. You trailer should not be shorter then 23''. As for pulling the mosquito in backwards, (forget it) You need control of the helo by steering it up the ramp with the tail. all you need to keep the forward tip of the rotor down is hang some thing over the forward tip of the roto, that will bring it down to enter the trailer. Once the helo levels you pull the back tip of the rotor down. Defiantly get the beaver tail, ( first 3 or 4' angled down entering the trailer) It will lessen the angle going in, and will increase the ramp gate opening slightly. Even with a 23' or maybe a 24' you still will have to rotate the tail rotor as close to vertical as you can get it. 

Later leo….

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