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Replying to messages
Hi all,

I have seen several complaints about how hard it is to read message threads when the previous messages(s) get included with the response.  By the time three people respond, its a visual nightmare and hard to follow.  The best advice for reducing that clutter is to use the "Quick Reply" feature at the bottom of the page.  Alternatively, the "New Reply" button will also work.  Hitting the "Reply" button at the bottom of the message will cause that message to be included in your response.  There a times when including the message might be useful, but generally it is not needed. 

For reference, here is an image of a message with the "Quick Reply" box and "New Reply" button marked.

I hope this helps.  I do not use Tappatalk, but if anyone would like help with using replies on that app, let me know and I can give it a shot.


Perhaps a sticky here too! Another good info thread for those who might not be as experienced with internet matters!
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