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XE285 Kit Instructions
FlyGuy is correct. If you are truly interested, and serious about purchasing a used aircraft, the owner will show you his/her records on the aircraft and if he/she is up to date on all SB's (for Experimental) thru last annual inspection. If not, and you truly like the aircraft and want it, then a pre-buy inspection is highly encouraged if your knowledge base is limited.

This is industry standard for all aircraft purchases. Experimental or Certificated. Helicopter or Airplane. This has nothing to do with safety!

Try getting a build manual from ANY manufacturer while not being an owner or prof of purchase of their aircraft and you will have the same results as with CFX. Some companies make you register the serial number with them for parts and information so they know who owns what. Realistically, no matter if you purchase 2nd hand or its passed hands multiple times, If you can prove you own it/paid for it, then you will probably have to sign that company's NDA (just like when purchased new) and THEN you will have access to manufacturer proprietary information.

Hope this helps!
Dave Storey
I called Mike but he's in Florida while the helicopter is in California. The owner is dead. I didn't ask for the manual, I just asked for the safety modifications.
The factory ignored my request and that is not the right attitude but it is their choice.
All your arguments may be visible for asking the factory to disclose IP but I just asked for the safety updates. I was willing to pay money for that. I can't justify their decision in any reasonable way.
Ok, fair enough. lets go a different route then. Do you know what year it was built? Send me a PM of the year built and the serial number and I'll see what I can find out. If nothing else, I may can find out when the kit was built and see if any SB's have come out since then.
Dave Storey

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