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Stripped Heads for Spark Plugs
        If you haven't stripped out your spark plug threads in the head of your MZ202 your lucky. Because of the head being aluminum it easily strips out if the spark plugs are over tightened. There was a video of an air that had a plug pop out while the helicopter was running on the ground. Had it been in the air it would of lost compression and come down. 

I am selling the "Time - Sert" tool for installing steel inserts into the head to eliminate the stripped threads. Don't let repeated replacement or removal of the spark plugs weaken the threads and have the spark plug come out while flying. Dwight or Mike Messex can explain why the time-sert tool for installing the steel inserts are important for the safety of the MZ202. 

The inserts are available on amazon. I don't remember what size I bought for the MZ202. They cost approx. $2.00-3.00 each on Amazon. Dwight or Mike M. can tell you which size is needed for your MZ202. 

The kit comes with the brochures for installation instructions and all insert sizes. 

I no longer own my Mosquito XE so I don't need the tool anymore. I am selling the tool for $40.00  It was used once, its still like new.

Contact me if interested. The best way is to text me, as I don't answer unknown phone number calls. I can be reached at 414-610-1777


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