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Anyone looked at the Renntech karting engine? It is rotary and 48 hp at 32 lbs. Seems like it could be turbocharged and get to 60 hp
Wow, amazing specs, where can I learn more about it?
renntech karting on google
I just took a look at this, and they now offer an Aviation Ready engine. One thing I wonder is if you can double or triple rotor like you can with a Mazda style rotary? That would then deliver alot more power without significant weight increases.

One minor issue I can see with this, is it is liquid cooled, so that would creat some minor challenges over air cooled (radiator placement and airflow, increased weight of the componants)
Looks like a good set-up Kyle but I sure don't care to much for the liquid cooled part.
'I had a Rans S12-XL a few years back with a 618 RAVE Rotax that was liquid cooled.
Lots of parts, hoses, ells, radiator, some sort of air chamber gizmo, and the holding tank.
Then of course is the pump, which is usually inside the engine. You have to keep a careful watch on that part of the system, and quit flying the minute it starts leaking around the pump.
'BUT, it was one of the coolest engines I've ever had, and I live in an area that gets pretty hot. Maybe not as bad as Skeeter, or the Arizona boys, but we get our fair share of temps here in S. Central Texas, that's for sure.
It would be an interesting engine to look at and run some numbers on, but the simplicity of my MZ202 just cant be beat, plus it's pretty much all user/owner maintained. If something goes wrong, take a Saturday off and pull out the manual, have Leon and Dwights numbers handy, and go to work.
'Your idea is worth looking into though!
Heh, I dont actualy take credit for that idea. I was just digging through old posts, as it's pretty much all I am able to do for now, and there are some good things worth learning from conversations had in the past.

Btw, here is the link to their "Aviation Ready" engine. Shows the fuel pump as being on the outside, driven by a toothed belt. This would aid in identification of potential leaks. I still dont know if I would use this in a helicopter. Even if you could turbocharge it to 60+ HP it may not even be enough to lift an AIR with a light pilot, such as myself (6'8, 145-150 depending on breakfast)

I just have a thing for unusual engines and drivetrains, and am not the biggest fan of 2 stroke. Nothing particularly wrong with it, except the emissions... Yes, I am something of a "green nut". Not a huge tree hugger, but if I can feasibly do things to reduce emissions than I will. I'm also a huge efficiency freak, I love to try and think up ways of pulling every last bit of power from every last drop of fuel I can.

One of my biggest personal projects is a waste heat reclimation system I am trying to devolope for hybrid automotive use. Recover as much wasted heat energy from the cooling system and exhaust system as possible via Peltier Electric Generation. I would also love to design a hybrid electric drive for helicopter use, as I could see the torque output of an electric motor, combined with the higher rpm stability of a gasoline engine, being extremely usefull in flight. An electric motor I would think would easily be able to bring rotor RPM back up quickly after an autorotation, and would also create something of a redundancy in case of main engine failure... But batteries and controllers are not cheap, nor are they light. They are getting lighter by the day, so who knows?
Rob2 and Kyle: I say amen to both of your sentiments.
Rob: Liquid cooling just leaves me cold. I had a trike powered by a Rotax 582. Cooling system dumped its fluid twice; both times on the ground.
And Kyle: WHY do we still trouble with 2 strokes? They are so simple; what is there to go wrong? Yet they do; time and again.
My fellow fliers may know, I am a Harley owner. Aircooled Evolution engine. I was offered an excellent V Rod. Liquid cooled engine. Pump. Giant vulnerable radiator. hoses....
Still got my Sporty...
Like I said, I dont see anything specifically wrong with the 2 stroke engine, except for their high emissions output, and the minor inconveniance of having to mix oil with the fuel. The first issue is more of a pet peeve of myself (and the EPA), while the second issue is more of a concern, when trying to plan longer distance flights.

It makes me wonder... When I was 13 or 14 I had a little moped, 2 stroke, ugly yellow... It had 2 tanks, one for gas, and one for 2 stroke oil, and a mixing device for them. Gave a perfect mixture no matter what. Would there be a way of designing one of these systems into the Mosquito? If not the XE, maybe the XEL and AIR, where there is more space provided due to the lack of fuel capacity?
Now that I think about it, I wish I still had that little moped... No insurance, 50+ mpg, and I know how to paint them now lol.

BTW, I have absolutely NOTHING against aircooled. To prove my point, I own a 1965 VW Beetle. It's in pieces now, but I do own it! And I love it, just wish I could afford to start putting it back together.

Ohh, and somehow, I forgot the link in my last post, even though I edited it just to put the link in, so here it goes again:
I've been down the road and back again with the Renntech, believe me. I tried it on a separate contract I was working on. It makes the hp they claim for about 20 seconds before it cooks its innards. Max continuous hp is about 25 - 30 at an all up weight of 60 lb when an electric cooling fan is used for the fairly large rad (in a helicopter application). It is as smooth as glass though, you can barely tell its running.
Good to know! Maybe I should stick to building a 1/2 scale mazda rx-7 instead lol

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