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2 stroke oil
Since APR 2011 - I am using AmsOil 50:1 synthetic to 12.5 gallons of 92/93 OCT great!

John Snider uses it in his bird - and I stared as soon as I got back to Madison with problems...
The temps in the engine are low - and unless I'm doing some heavy maneuvering along the ground in medium winds - I might get a few seconds of a light blink warning...but as soon as I start flying again - they go down...

I bought a 14 gallon container - and if there's a bit left over - I still have room for the mixture....hand pumped is the only con so far...everything is plastic and it's on wheels...
go to advanced auto parts and buy havoline two cycle oil 4 to 5 dollars a quart. as one said before jetting is crucial. this oil is as good as any high price oil and the limited carbon build up is great compared to pensoil or aeroshell. i use it on my rotax 503 no problems 6000 rpm cruise flight on my gyrocopter.
ldiebel - 6/11/2010 6:43 AM

I bought a case of 12 - 1 qt (32 oz) bottles of AeroShell Sport Plus 2 oil from in PA.

The oil was $74.25, shipping was $16.47 to FL for a total of $90.72.
It took about three days to get here.

That works out to $7.56 a bottle.

I bought the same oil its not synthetic what do you think?
Anyone using Amsoil Saber professional, if so what ratio are you using? I have 2 bottles of Castrol TTS left and need to switch. I talked to Leon and he thought that some folks were using the Saber and mixing ~ 80 to 1 ratio. Any experience you have to share would be appreciated.
I'm still using the Amsoil Interceptor as per John U. Been a good oil, but did foul some plugs @ 45:1 so went to 50:1 and so far so good. However, after reading Dwights post I'm going to reconsider this whole oil thing when I run out of the Interceptor.

I don't think the Amsoil saber oil is a good choice. This is the phone # for the TECH at AMSOIL, (715) 399-8324 CST. I think he will recomend INTERCEPTER. I use Amsoil DOMINATOR at 47 to 1 ratio. I have 64 hours on my XEL (202) eng, with no oil related issues.

Awhile back, March time frame I was researching oil my start point approach was who is the hardest on a two cycle engines, to my way of thinking it was the snowmobiles and anything in that competition arena so that's where I started searching. I found this site ( and called the owner Mark Zaic. Mark has a background in aviation and two cycle "sled" engine building, we discussed our requirements of operating in the 6,000 rpm range. His response was snowmobile clutches don't hook up till somewhere in the 12-13,000 rpm range. After a lengthy discussion I bought a case and we've been testing it at the factory and on various machines in the community. Here's a link to the video ( ), its kind of a rah rah video but go with it till 2:30 on the clock and watch the blurb. We don't have a pile of hours on the test engines yet so as far as the test goes the best you could say is there has been nothing negative to report. But, it does, if you're inclined, offer an alternative to the oils mentioned in the thread
Mike, are you using this oil in the MZ 202? If so how are you quantifying your test? Sounds interesting.
After reading Dwight's comment - I might reconsider using the hard to find in my area (Ams Oil Interceptor @ $10.51 qt).

Dwight set my jets at the Trenton, FL location - and I have flown it throughout 2011 - and recently in JAN 2012 -- with weather degrees at 65 F.

My engine still operates at the factory settings using the Ams Oil Interceptor (50:1 -- or 1 qt to 12.5 gallons of 92 OCT)

I have 17 hrs on my XE - 202 engine. Starts right up - sounds exactly like it did at the factory. I might go with the Havoline if it is synthetic and I can get it here in Madison - if not - will jut keep using the Ams Oil Interceptor.

That's my 2 cents...

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