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MZ 202 Alternator
Here are the pics of the new parts. The plate is thicker and it does not look like it is cast. It also has a radius where the coil mounts 90 on to the plate. Leon was good to deal with and shipped quickly.

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That looks like the fix indeed.
I conversed with Leon today and he said the plate is not cast ( It was originally from Italy but that
was a long time ago, long before the Mosquito came out ). In any case, he'll ship a new one for
US$38.80 + shipping if you want one.
Hoyt I agree, after speaking with Leon again and examining my part it probably is not cast. It looks cast because it was put in a tumbler to smooth up the edges and the grain in the break makes it appear cast. I misunderstood him when he said only the older engines had the cast part. None the less I think it would be worth while to at least inspect the plate for cracks. The new part is stronger and has a radius.
Many aircraft have red zones in their engine RPM gauges. Those are due to resonances in the airframe and rotating parts and should be passed through quickly. It's possible that the alternator frame plate is resonating when the engine is operating at it's nominal RPM ( 6000 RPM -- this yields 100, 200, 400, and since there are 8 poles on the alternator, up to 800 cycles per second which that plate could easily resonate at. ).
It's even reasonable that a thinner plate that resonates at a higher frequency would last longer than a thicker one, although I would recommend a thicker one. I think what I'll do, though, is just to damp the natural vibrations with some silicone rubber or other damping support and hope for the best.

It would be hard to prove this without some elaborate testing equipment, as commercial aircraft manufacturers do.

Hoyt Stearns
Scottsdale, Arizona US
How many magnets are used in the MZ202 flywheel? Need this info to buy the correct tach from
Westach. I know the stator has eight coils. Not 10 as shown in the CRE engine manual

Can't get a response from CRE, Inc.

Hey Everybody!

Just wanted put out a reminder. If you still have the (thin cast) stater plate, CHANGE IT to the updated billit plate. I some how thought my 202 eng had the updated plate installed, no such luck. At 60 hours mine totaly broke, and tore up my stater, and cracked some magets in the fly wheel. That $40.00 updated plate will now cost me around $300.00 for parts,labor,and shipping charges. It seams like the 50 to 60 hour time frame is when the cracking could start. But i sujest you change it what ever the hours if you have one of the older 202 engines, my xel was completed in april of 2009.

Happy Flying!
Thanks for the update and reminder Leo, I'm about to see what mine looks like after 26 hours.
HEY LARRY! Let me know what you find out!

Larry- Rob 2

At 26 hours the stator plate will most likely look ok, as i mentioned the time frame for the plate to crack looks to be around 50 to 60 hour time frame. As long as you have the flywheel off call Leon and order the updated stator plate. It will be money well spent.

Happy flying!
MXL 1082 66 hours...

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