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MZ 202 Alternator
Good advice, thanks Leo!
(My AIR is now about 2 years old since built, and has a grand total of just under 7 hours on it. Like Leo says, best to change it out even if you have a low hour machine and the parts do look good, just to be careful.
I'm still trying to decide on the new pistons and chrome rings though, that's big $$ for my tiny budget on such a new ship.)

Learned that you must remove the stater plate before splitting the crankcase, duh - larry always looking for a shortcut. If not for Dwight and you-all helping, I'd have messed this up big time. The plate is thin and the stater is heavy. The plate has 8 ninety-degree sharp inside corners => great place to start a crack (i learned from old machinists). Together with a lot of vibration - yeah, Leo is right on, it's bound to break in time. It's a simple part and I could make one in a few hours, but, larry is trying to be a mature responsible adult in his golden years, and so he'll (I'll) order one from Leon today! Thanks all you AIRmen and X-men!

QUESTION: Is there an alternative to using the alternator for the old engine RPM input? I'm considering leaving my stater out of the engine. I don't use it for anything other than an RPM pickup.
Larry, now why on earth would you not want to know your engine RPM? Besides I thought
you had ordered a new stator from Leon. Im going to replace mine because of the thickness and all.
I need to change over to the new pistons, except I'm wondering what the fix will be for the loose
piston pins, etc.
Wish there was someone close to me that was a MZ202 engine expert, so they could tear mine down and put
in the new pistons and rings, then get the thing back together without a ton of leaks. I know you're supposed
to remove only one cylinder at a time, but would still like someone else to do it. Being a full time woodworker
has it's drawbacks, like not ever learning how to tear down small engines, etc. Can't be that hard though, someone will give
me some help on the internet if I need it, I know this group. Would like to have a repair center here in the States for the 202's however. Maybe someday.

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