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2A1 Maintenance Manual
Nathan, Darwin;

I have a digital copy of the TM 55-2835-205-23/T-62T-2B (same engine as 2A1 different gear box) and a copy of the T.O.2G-T62T-13/T-62T-32 (operation and many of the parts are the same).

If you want a copy send me your snail mail address or we can connect with Skype.

Take care,

PS. If you find the 2A1 manual I would like a copy.
Thanks LaDon.  TurbineBase has the current -2B manual here.

When I get my hands on a TM 55-2835-203-24, I'll have it scanned to PDF and make it available to everyone.


The engine you sent to me did come with a complete T62T-2A1 Maintenance and overhaul manual in paper.  It is 700 pages,  I have sent it out to have a high resolution scan to PDF (600 DPI ) and will make it available to everyone "Free".  It will probably be a 4gb file so getting it in email may be a problem.  If there is a way to post a file that size someone please let me know.  I should have the scan back by Wednesday 27OCT10.

I have been looking for this manual for a while and this is the first complete manual I have come across for this engine and should be very helpful to everyone even though it goes well beyond what most want to know.

The T62T-2B manual mentioned in this post would work as far as many of the proceedures but there are a number of different parts in the B engines and some of the assembly is different.

I have a website that I can put the manual on, then post a link for anyone to download the file if you want. My website gives me unlimited storage and downloads, so it's not a problem for me.

If it's already in .PDF format, you can send it to me on a CD and I'll post it. Where I work has a fast fiber optic internet line, so I can post a gig per minute to my website.
If you send it to me, I can host it here.

Thanks Chris!  This will be a great resource for XET owners.


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