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2A1 Maintenance Manual
Does anyone have the maintenance manual for the 2A1 in a digital format?  I think it's TM 55-2835-203-24.

couldnt you pull it off of AKO?
Nathan I sent you a PM
I checked AKO and LOGSA but the engine has been out of the inventory so long that the TM's are no longer available.
I'd like to get one too, if anyone has access to the manual.

Darwin N. Barrie
Chandler, AZ
XET on order 1131
try Essco Aircraft they have tons of manuals
try this one. You have to buy it though.
The engine I bought will ship with a hard copy manual. I was hoping for a PDF version that I can read while I'm deployed.  I want to understand every aspect of the turbine, inside and out.  I'll just have to be patient and wait until I get home.  Thanks for the suggestions.

Where did you buy your engine? I got a quote from the source listed. It is $175.

I bought my engine from Chris Harrington and will see if he shipped it with the manual.

Darwin N. Barrie
Chandler, AZ
XET on order
I bought my engine from a guy in Canada.  He included the Canadian military's maintenance manual with the sale.  The engine came out of a CH-147 which is a Canadian Chinook.  I'm sending it to Chris for inspection/repair.  I don't think he includes a manual with the inspection.

I got the same quote.  I'm not paying $175 for a manual.


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