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4 stroke engine..
Hi All

I was reading this and thinking of how the engine and testflying in coming... ?


John Uptigrove, the President of Innovator Technologies and designer of the Mosquito helicopter was at Airventure 2010 with several different models of his Mosquito single place ultralight helicopter.

John first introduced his wide open bugs in your face, machine in 2002 and then in 2004 introduced the more conventional looking XE model.

Both models can be built and flown as legal part 103 ultralight aircraft when powered by the 60 HP MZ 202 two stroke aircraft engine. But to meet the weight restriction the XE model must be float equipped.

When you step up into the experimental category with the Mosquito XE it can have 12 gallon fuel capacity vs. the 5 gallon for the ultralight version.

Over the years the Mosquito XE has been flown with a number of engines on it, including a jet engine. This year John showed up at Airventure with a Hexadyne P60 twin cylinder 4 stroke engine, neatly tucked away behind the pilot cabin. The engine installation at Airventure was only partially completed, the factory was still working on the cooling system, ignition and fuel delivery system.

It was however a very neat installation and if successful could open the door for pilot wanting a four stroke alternative to power their Mosquito helicopters. The Hexadyne P60 is 797 cc, puts out 60 HP at 5750 rpm and has a 9 to 1 compression ratio. It uses 4 valves per cylinder for better heat dissipation. It has an engine management system, with an electronic ignition system.

The engine is American made by Hexatron Engineering in Salt Lake City Utah.

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Its still in the works, progressing like any R & D program, little bit at a time
Is their any reason they havent jumped on the rotax bandwagon?

Maybe Price and/or availability reasons?
Don't think you can mount it vertical, and too heavy. I too, am hoping for a good 4 stroke.
Thanks for the info, hope to hear more about it soon ..
Anyone heard any more news about the four stroke progress?
I am like Skeeter watching for a 4 stroke or a Rotax 503

Wow, I SOOO Want that. Its so beautifully symmetrical! Definitely going to be the model I order, being as it's probably going to be several years before I can afford one anyways lol.

Ohh, and I've driven past Hexatron so many times it's not even funny.
it was on Johns ship for testing and broke "serious" before this last years Oshkosh, he pulled it off the aircraft and far as I know no further investments into trying to get it going again
The Hexadyne had problems from the second we started it up. They couldn't get the oil to scavenge properly so it backed up, hit the backside of the pistons and destroyed the engine in minutes. A second try after a long wait yielded the same results. They had other issues as well so I'm almost glad it didn't work out. This was our fourth try at a four stroke. Working on another option currently but will be a while yet. Open to any suggestions.

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