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Things I learned from Dwight.
I was in Trenton on Saturday to change out the pistons on my XEL for the Wisco's.

Dwight gave me so much help, what a great guy.

I thought I would post a few things that Dwight showed me that might make the job easier for others.

Leon told me to remove only one cylinder at a time so the crank case stays tightly together with one cylinder tight at all times.
Dwight removed the top cylinder then using larger nuts as spacers, he tightened the cylinder nuts back down, holding the crank case tight together. Then we could remove both cylinders, this makes it much easier to get at the clips on the pins, remove the pins etc.

Do not bother to remove the heads, remove the spark plugs, then use a wire wheel on an extension with a drill to clean out the carbon from the heads, from the bottom.

When inserting the c clips for the pins, make sure the gap is facing down toward the crank case. This will ensure the pistons are balanced, if the gap was to one side or the other, it would be slightly out of balance. Also, if the clip was sideways, inertia could cause the clips to compress slightly, and maybe come loose. Probably not likely, but if you put the gap to the bottom, the inertia has no effect.

That's all I can think of now.
Thanks again Dwight for all your help, and for the great visit.

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