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Another Mosquito started

XEL 1144 finally received after 10 months --- well worth the wait. James did an awesome job on my requested paintjob. (had to sand his 1st effort totally off and applied 2nd paint scheme) {Teaser foto attached to show off paintjob!}

Absolutely tickled pink with what I've seen so far! Aside from the factory paint, even the interior has been painted matt black. All aluminum parts came totally wrapped in blue masking tape (the amount used make me want to buy stocks in 3M!) When unwrapped, they have all been polished to a mirror finish (totally unexpected!)  Even the crating was expertly done -- nothing damaged in shipping. {only minor paint scratches -- to be expected from 2000 miles} Turned tail boom crate into cradle for the tail boom already!

Also bought "Quick Build" kit from factory. They also came wrapped in masking tape. Wonder if they are polished? {haven't unwrapped yet} It even included the canted spacers on the Rotot Mast !

Like some other builders, I spend a majority of my time overseas. The above options would save me months of extra work. In the 4 days at home with the kit, I have already completed Section A-2.4, securing fuselage on its own gear. I highly recommend the 2 options to everyone who needs or desire to save time. {Had to sand the landing gear bow shims a little and it already filled the workshop with fiberglass dust!!! --- as Eddy used to say "SANDING SUCKS!!"}

Like to thank all the builders before me for their contributions on the Builders Gallery. {Have learned a lot from watching} and a big "thank you" to all comments & suggestions I'm about to receive.

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By the way, ran into a problem already after 1 day.

Helicopter is 84" high, gear is 61" wide. Workshop door is 82" high and 60" wide!!

Will bolt instead of rivetting Landing Skids. Might make new door, or BOTH!!

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Looks good, -- like the colors

Andy, I'm excited for you. I like your choice of colors. I'm thinking of using similar colors on mine.

Keep the pics coming and don't forget to create your own album in the builder's gallery.

Yo Andy,
As I've said before, your paint job is AWESOME! You're always welcome to call or E-mail me for questions on your build. Good luck and have fun with that. Take your time and don't get in too much of a hurry.

First, congratulations on the arrival of your Mosquito. Are planning on registering your XEL as an ultralight? If so, have you made contact with the FAA yet? I'm going the XEL route as well and am a little nervous about the wording around the weight allowance due to the floats. I'd feel a lot better if someone aleady went down that path and set the precedence by having their XEL approved as an ultralight.


Speaking from experience.....if you decide to go the XEL route(ultralight), don't sweat the weight limit thing so much. If you're over a little, it's not like the FAA is going to show up on your doorstep with a set of scales. Not only that, but you don't have to register with anybody if you're going the ultralight way. The FAA is not out to crusify you if you're outside the weight limit by just a little bit. What they're concerned about mostly is keeping people safe and preventing idiots from flying dangerously around populated areas and doing things you're not supposed to be doing. i.e. (Chasing the neighbors livestock....hovering over the neighbor's house while they're sun bathing etc...... etc...... :o

First, like to thank everyone for their encouragement and numerous offers of help.

Tom, Gary is right. You don't have to register with anyone as long as you build and operate to Ultralight specifications (or as close as you can manage). FAA is far too busy to bother with ultralights unless there is an infraction. In fact, in the last 2 accidents (ultralights), the FAA washed their hands and walked away.

My reasons for going the ultralight route are threefolds. 1) I hate paperwork, 2) I have a 1st Class Medical but NOT an FAA medical and one less visit to the doctor is just fine with me, 3) Dwight said that as soon as you register your craft as EXPERIMENTAL, FAA will notify your state revenue office and you would thus owe the state USE tax. Making this hobby of mine affordable is a major concern.

The loophole of allowing the XEL on floats be an ultralight basically has the unspoken blessing of the FAA ---- otherwise the Feds would have come down on John U. like a ton of bricks already all these years. It is, however, encumbent opon us, XEL builders/operators, to operate these fantastic machines responsibly, thus keeping the Regulations status quo (i.e. allowing "ultralight" rotorcrafts - or at least granting us grandfather rights).

Hope you will jump in with both feet. Either model, you can't go wrong!

Hey, thanks for the feedback from both of you. I already put the down payment on the machine so I'm in. My experience with the FAA has not been good so just being cautious there. The last thing I want to do is pay off the heli just to find out I have to register it as Experimental and then live with a 5 gallon gas tank to boot. I too need to keep the hobby affordable and as red-tape free as possible. Safety is paramount so the bases are covered. I am looking forward to my own delivery and build and am envious of all the others turning bolts and spraying paint. I can't wait. Thanks again for the advice and clarification. Looking forward to seeing updates as you complete your dream machine.

Hey Cablecar, is that you in north frisco area? I have line number 1199 and I'm in Santa Maria, Mabey I'll have my kit in October. keep posting, so I can learn from u too.

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