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can you convert a XEL to a XE by adding bigger fuel tanks
if i buy a XEL can i later convert it to a XE by adding bigger fuel tanks? because from what i understand is thats the only diffence between the two
The other difference is that the XEL is required to have floats attached in flight, so you could remove them.

And yes, you can add a belly tank to increase the fuel capacity of the XEL.

But you will then need to license it as an 'Experimental' and you will need to have at least a Private Pilot license to fly it.  And you could not get the Repairman Certificate that allows you to do the annual condition inspection that will be required.
-Chip Davis-
N8421L 2016 XE-285 #1076
I heard that the XEL comes with 13 gal fuel tank with a overflow that holds the fuel to 5 gallons. Is this true?
The tanks for the XE and XEL are the same in physical size, it's the capacity that's different. The overflow/vent line is drilled at a height to limit the capacity on the XEL to 5 gallons as part of the requirements for an ultralight category. The tank on the XE holds 12 gallons.

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