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1st Flight

I use 2 "sports" HD video cameras capable of 1080 30 frames. I want to document engine instruments & airframe vibrations in flt testing phase & flying sceneries later on. 

1st camera is a GoPro clone called SJ4000 (SJ5000 w/ WIFI now avail.) for just under $100. (1/3 of GoPro) Can use all GoPro accessories etc. I suction-cup it to my car window while parked near my LZ and videoed my First Flight ( remembering Dwight's 3-C's rule .... No crowds, no cameras, forgot 3rd one!). I may add this camera to a 2-axes gimbal as used on RC drones and mount the whole thing under the fwd fuselage for vibration flight videos one day.

Great review here:

2nd camera is a HTC RE Camera. Looks like a small periscope, 1-button ops. Small, discreet, MP4 format - easy to post on YouTube without conversion. Has own WIFI, connects to own app on IPhone or Android phone for remote Operations or review. The SJ4000 is somewhat bulky to mount with all the connectors. This I simply Velcro to my flight suit and off I go. Lists for $150-200, but I got mine EBay open-box for $78!

Looking forward to viewing your adventures!!

Very cool! I'm saving my pennies. I've got the certificates and ratings but really want to own my personal vortices maker. Haha but seriously though be safe and start very slow. Ensure you understand the dangerous side of being a pilot, SRM and what makes people statistics.

Happy Flying,

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