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Dynamic roll over
I have seen at least 3 videos of the "Air" having close calls or worse with what appears to be dynamic roll over incidents.

However have not seen any with the XE models.

I was wondering if the incidents are related to the Landing gear configuration, Lack of pilot training, different design, higher CG or something more subtle is going on there?

My first impression of the tripod gear arrangement is that it may not slide as well as the XE type skids and wonder if thats a contributing factor? Also the air has its fuel load higher than the XE so perhaps the CG is higher?

Any ideas or comments?

Doubt it. Any helicopter will rollover, in the right circumstances.
The gear on the Air is 3 points rather than 4 like the XE but is a wider stance to make up for it so there is not a significant difference. The problem I have seen with the Air is that if you land on damp or soft ground the pads can sink in and will stick to the ground on take off. So you need to lift off slowly to make sure you have pulled free before pulling up into a 3 foot hover.
if the ground is wet and soft I thought it may also help to slid three plywood pads under the air to reduce the chance of it sticking to the ground on take off ...
If you're going to use plywood, make sure its very thick and heavy because the balloon of air can get underneath of it and swirl it up into your rotor blades. Being the super smart individual that I am, I thought I'd try a heavy piece of old carpet on the rough gravel driveway of mine to keep it from scratching the skids. Bad idea. As soon as I lifted off, that piece of heavy carpet was like a section of toilet paper blowing around beside me. I can't believe how lucky I got that day. I'd like to say that I'm getting wiser with age but maybe not.
good to no..maybe heavy plywood glued together and steak them to the ground would be a better way to do it...sorry for the slow reply the mosquito website seems to be having problems ..

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