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XET Power Plant Option ?
Has anyone looked into the possibility of installing a Stuttgart SVT 100 ? I have been scouring the WWW. for a Solar T62-2A1 with slim results. The few I did find are basically priceless. The SVT 100 looks like a possible candidate to me. There's a few things that I don't know, RPM for the rated horsepower, Dual independent fuel system - Mech/Electronic ? Price ?
What I do Know
- Length 21.85"
- Diameter 11.0236"
- Dry Weight 61.7294 lbs
- Fuel type Diesel
- Fuel/Hr 8.5 gal
- TBO 2000 hrs
- 0'-33,000' 
If it could be done a new heli could have a new engine instead of a surplus. Parts availability should be fairly good. They've been testing on a plane but haven't seen any rotorcraft tests. One of the videos I watched on YTube has the pilot changing his throttle up & down with no flameout or other effects, Safer? It's also a great looking power plant. If I had more $$$$$$ than sense I'd buy one just to put on a engine stand to fire up and drive the coyotes mad. 
Just curious if this has crossed anyone else's mind for a new fitment.

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While I like the idea of a good turboshaft engine this is probably not the one. 
Their website looks OK but I think currently there is not much to it. You may have realized that there is only a video from the plane while taxiing but none in flight, so whats wrong with that why no video in flight?
Their company address is a residential address in Stuttgart in Germany. Their test airport is somewhere at the Mediterranean see I bet.
I wrote the guy an email because I was interested to know how the project is going. No money was the answer, so my best guess would be that we are not going to see a turboshaft engine from Stuttgart engineering in the near future. Sad, but there is probably not a profitable market for such an engine.
However, some people say that with the upcoming "Avgas shortage" there might be a chance for small turbine engines since they are burning jet or diesel fuel.
Anyhow, I googled quite a bit in that regard and the only thing that was close and you can actually buy it is this here:

Weight and dimensions seem to be pretty close to the T62 if I have the correct info.  However, way too much power for a Mosquito and probably too much fuel burn. I couldn't find a price, but you may get three T62 for one of those. 

Take of airplane fuel burn is 0.847 lb/HP/hr generating 180Kw.... can somebody please help to convert this into gal/h.


and some videos on youtube maybe something for the two-seater version of the Mosquito
And maybe these guys will do a suitable turboshaft model too down the line?  They comment they are aiming their pricing equivalent to a rotax.

No doubt John U has had his eagle eye on all these units in development stages.
Yes, I have talked to these guys and several others. Always looking for good turbine or engine options. They are still at the prototype stage and waiting for funding to move forward. Money and time as always....
But always happy to hear of anything new so please let me know if you see anything.
What about the Capstone generators like C65, do you know much about the turbines they use John?
Or the KHD216, 100 hp output? Is that still in production?
(05-08-2018, 08:37 PM)grevis Wrote: What about the Capstone generators like C65, do you know much about the turbines they use John?

Not sure of if this is any value, based
on how stale this thread is.  I have been looking at using a Capstone turbine on two separate projects.  They are incredible turbines but have 2 issues in our application.  They use an air bearing.  The turbine literally floats on a cushion of air inducted into the bearing.  Didn't think to ask their tech team but pretty sure this is strictly a static turbine and doesn't use any oil or coolant fir the bearings.  2. The turbine was designed to be an electrical generator and the last segment of the single shaft has magnets mounted to it.  As the turbine spins so do the the magnets inside the stator generating electricity without any physical contact.  There is no mechanical output shaft.  You would need to build a free turbine transmission (PT-6 lite).  May as well start from scratch......

I have seen recently few Mosquitos appear to have another model from the Solar family, possibly an APU from a skycrane

XE285 in NZ

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