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Full Version: Annual inspection help? west Texas
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Hi all, haven't posted in a while!

No luck selling my XET 315FC, so I guess I'm going to keep her. I'm moving to California (Monterey Bay) to fly medevac Airbus H135s.
Before I move, I'd like to get the annual inspection done on my XET. I know a great helicopter mechanic, but he would like a step-by-step manual with exact maintenance procedures in order to sign off. 

So 3 questions~
1. Does anyone know where I can download or obtain detailed maintenance procedures? I already have many blank forms of the necessary checkoff items.
2. Does anyone know of someone who would be willing to do an inspection in West Texas?
3. Should I just transport it to California, and do it along the way or once I arrive?

Thanks as always!
Give me a call 256-527-4656
Jimmy, I have a Repairman Certificate for my XE285. I could do the inspection along with your A&P if he would be willing to sign off on that basis. The only thing I would need is a checklist for the turbine, I have the rest of the airframe/drive train.

I believe there is a turbine manual in the "Manual" section on this site.
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