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Full Version: Mosquito for my daily commute
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I live in Western Europe. We get 16.5 hours of daylight in the Summer, and 8 hours of daylight in the Winter.

Monday to Friday, I drive 50 miles to work. It takes me about 1hr 10mins each way, so I spend about 2.5 hours driving to and from work.

I drive an 18-year-old Ford Ka, and I get something likeĀ  35 -45 mpg.

I'm trying to see what my options would be... how it would work out if I got a mosquito for my commute.

The distance from my home to my work, as the bird flies, is 38 miles.

A friend of mine flies microlight planes and he tells me that this wouldn't work out. He says yoi probably can't fly a mosquito in the dark, and taking into account bad weather, I might be only able to fly to work about 40% of the time.
XE285 - cruise at 80mph burning 6 gph, so that would be 1 hr round trip, about 13 mpg.

Weather is a factor, can't fly in the rain. And Mosquito is day VFR only, but can be equipped with Nav lights to fly VFR at night (US anyway). You'd have to check your country's regulations. Couldn't carry very much baggage, if any.