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Full Version: Oshkosh 2019 Article
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During the 2019 EAA annual Oshkosh Airventure, Composite-FX had a writer come by our display booth and do a story about Composite-FX and our helicopter. The story was published in the January 2020 monthly magazine (page 77) and features pictures of the first Turbine engineered and built at Composite-FX (also flown at the show). The article also has an embedded article about our newest dealer in Tennessee Dave Story ( Its a great piece of world wide advertisement and we owe a thanks to Beth Stanton ( for taking the time to do the story and coordinate the photo shoots.
Thanks Mike!
Thanks Mike,
I had just joined the EAA to get that article! I was wondering why no one had posted about it.

Excellent article. Also like the cool Mosquito logo on the cover page, where is that one from?

XE285 in NZ
I thought about joining the EAA but I have never seen that much support for helicopters. Has that changed?

(01-12-2020, 07:45 PM)FlyGuy Wrote: [ -> ]I thought about joining the EAA but I have never seen that much support for helicopters. Has that changed?

Doesn’t seem to be much on their website as far as I looked. I think it probably depends on the local EAA chapter in your area whether there’s anyone who has built a helicopter. I don’t think there is anyone in my area (San Francisco Bay Area, California) that has an XE. I could be wrong. If so, please post if you’re out there.

I was told by a friend that there was an article on the Mosquito in this month’s EAA Sport Aviation magazine, and I really did join just to read the article Smile

The graphics came from Beth for the article

Darrell J Jones

What a great article, about the history of  the Mosquito Helicopter.
Got my issue the day after notice of the article appeared in the Mosquito forum on FB. Agree, it was great press for our bird.

I am an EAA member and in a very active Chapter, lots of great folks, and a great source of info. But unfortunately, us helo guys don't get a lot of respect. Not ever very much written about them in EAA or AOPA. Besides me, there is one other guy in my Chapter who built a turbine Rotorway, and I think having two rotorheads in a Chapte is probably very rare... but we do get a lot of attention. We sponsor a summer camp for kids, and I always get invited to bring my Mosquito.

A good source of info on FB is the US Helicopter Safety Team if you're interested.