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Full Version: Could this 4stroke be an option?
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go to the bottom of the page and the video is to the right, its a 130hp 4stroke thier already using on the L model mosquito. wonder if john uptigrove would ever offer this engine or gives it approval.
last I talked to them about two months ago they got the engine running but they havent figured out how to keep it cool and were working on a new fans - - its been in development for quite awhile -
This is one of the four 4 stroke engines we've already tried. Still looking...
They told me yesterday that they were able to maintain 170 degrees during a 20 minute hover. Are there other operational issues with this one John? I heard that you have been sleeping 3 hours a night Sad
This is time that could be better spent developing a new engine. Wink
I know this doesn't quite fit the 4 stroke question here, but I have had several people ask about using a Rotax engine in the Mosquito and I have had to say I do not know why a CRE was chosen.... maybe availablitily in the states?? Does anyone know?
They aren't designed to run in the upright position and fail from lack of lubrication --
None of The fine engines from Austria have the power to weight ratio the MZ engines have. The air cooled ones are piston port induction (Like the 503) and still weigh more than the MZ. Reed valve two strokes typically make more power than any othe design. the rotary valve liquid cooled rotax is more heavy than the MZ even if it would run vertically .
The primary reasons for going with the 202 back in the 90's was the weight and the crank mounted fan. Rotax and Hirth both weigh over 12 lb more for engines of similar power. The steel cylinder linings in the Rotax still have the potential cold seizure issue and eliminating the fan belt was also a selling factor over both engine options. Reed valves actually have lower peak power than port induction but the curve is flatter which is very desirable for a helicopter.
Thanks to all for the replies - I am now much more enlightened. I certainly like the simple style of our engines and at least now I can give an answer to those that do ask. Smile

These look interesting, although a while away from production... i wonder how a rotary would suit in the future...

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