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Full Version: New Mosquito in Town
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It's official!  N869DJ passed her inspection today and received her Special Airworthiness Certificate.

Just s couple things to do and we're flying.

(Can't figure out how to post pix.)
Congrats !!! Now go figure out how to post pics.
Congrats Dick,

Easiest way to post a photo is with Tapatalk - for instance:

[Image: b04c27cda1027ed8a7d7300dfe8b0bd5.jpg]

Otherwise you can upload the photo to a file sharing site like Dropbox and paste the URL (aka “link”) in between “[“IMG]” and “[/IMG”]” tags like this:


but omit all of the “ quotation marks which I’ve inserted to prevent the tags from working.

If you look above the text you are writing you may see a “picture” button which will insert the tags and URL automagically but, frankly, it’s as easy to do it by hand.

All the best,

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My man Dick. You have been paying your dues, now it is time to get your reward!

Wooo!!! You go buddy!!!
Congrats Marine ! It's a thing of beauty !
NICE! Gratz,  it is a pretty ship for sure!
Well, has the 'Marines' broken the surly bonds yet ?
Inquiring mines want to know.
Flew first time yesterday - hovers only. Dwight got her all dialed in. Just finished second flight this morning.
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