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New XE-285 owner - Phil-Australia - 07-05-2020


I am taking delivery of an XE-285 tomorrow at Bankstown Airport, NSW Australia. This is a new machine, I have purchased from someone else who who did the build. I am not mechanically minded and other than topping up with fuel and oil will have someone else do any maintenance work. I understand that there is some work required at 500hrs. Other than this can anyone please advise how much regular maintenance will be required? Naturally I wish to ensure that it is maintained correctly.

I would also like to hear if there are any other Mosquito owners in NSW, Australia.

Many thanks

RE: New XE-285 owner - marcher07 - 07-06-2020

Welcome to the Mosquito owners group -- I will send you a PM as this is more than quick response
Field Maintenance and Tech Rep

RE: New XE-285 owner - jb92563 - 07-09-2020

This Map is by no means complete but it does give you some folks to look for.

RE: New XE-285 owner - swashplate - 07-14-2020

CONGRATULATIONS Phil, welcome to the owners club.

RE: New XE-285 owner - guillaume_m - 08-22-2020

bonjour Phil,
Félicitation pour votre acquisition.  Je suis propriétaire d'un XE 285 et j'ai 123H de vol avec. je ne pourrai pas vous aider parce que je suis en France mais vous pouvez vous rapprocher de Mark RINDEL, MOSQUITO Australie.
bon vol

Hello, Phil,
Congratulations on your acquisition.  I own an XE 285 and I have 123H of flight with it. I won't be able to help you because I'm in France but you can get closer to Mark RINDEL, MOSQUITO Australia.

good flight.


RE: New XE-285 owner - Phil-Australia - 08-24-2020

(07-14-2020, 05:54 PM)swashplate Wrote: CONGRATULATIONS Phil, welcome to the owners club.
Thanks for the message, I watched your video, exciting !! I had a pilot start mine up yesterday for the first time.  He didn’t take it off the ground due to the needles not matching, it was also very windy. There seems to be an issue with the revs. He is going to have another start next weekend and will play with the governor switch to narrow down the problem.... fingers crossed.

RE: New XE-285 owner - Dick Campbell - 08-26-2020

I'm assuming you're using an MGL ROTOR-1 for RPM needles. Compare the engine rpm to the Tiny Tach. If the engine is at 6000 (100%), then the main rotor should be at 600 rpm (100%). Look at the numbers on the display not the percentages. It's probable that the settings in the ROTOR-1 are incorrect. Might also look at the alignment of the main rotor sensor on the masthead.

RE: New XE-285 owner - marcher07 - 08-27-2020

He's working with Mark who was a dealer so knowledge on Mosquitoes