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New Build Option
(10-15-2020, 07:01 PM)grevis Wrote: I got the quick build kit and happy I did.  Most of the parts would have to have been cutout from plate without the quick build kit. 

Also the pitot tube is an option I think.  The factory now does 4 point harnesses as an option too I saw (had to make my own setup there when I built mine), standard will be a lap belt. 

And check if the kit has a valve for a fuel drain (I like to drain the fuel from the heli and use it in the car, then have fresh fuel for the heli next time out, a benefit of the XE285 doing oil injection).  It used to be an option some time back but maybe its supplied standard in the kit now

I think the tail booms are built with the horizontal fin mount as standard, call the factory or Mike to double check maybe.

XE285 in NZ


 - I didn't get the quick-build kit because it wasn't available when I started my XE285.  It's a no-brainer at twice the price, imho.  In addition to the savings in time and frustration, there's no way you will be able to hand-fab those parts to that precision.  Unless you have a Haas VF-2 of your own, of course.

 - Getting the four-point harness boils down to "What's your a$$ worth to your family?".  (Same for a full-face helmet.)

 - Every aircraft I have ever owned or flown has had a "gascolator" which is mounted at the lowest point in the fuel system.  It's a mandatory preflight item to drain a sample from it until no bubbles of water are found.  They are not expensive (you don't need one with a glass cup) but you'll need to modify the plumbing.  The secondary benefit is that they are perfect for quickly draining the entire fuel system.  The tertiary benefit is that I run the same ethanol-free fuel in all my 2-stroke yard equipment and no longer have to drain them over the winter.  The chainsaw fires up no matter how long it's sat.

 - The receiver for the horizontal tail is molded into the boom and make an excellent hard-point for securely transporting the chopper, as long as you don't have a horizontal stab installed.  My bird is tail-heavy as well, and from what I gather from those who have them, the horizontal stab is mostly cosmetic, especially the ones that include endplates.

2016 XE285 N8421L
-Chip Davis-
N8421L 2016 XE-285 #1076

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