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Balance with tail fins
no it dosent
John Snider did some experimenting with putting yarn on the horizontal stabs and taking video while flying at different speeds. He could elaborate on what he discovered but what I took from him was that the helicopter handles better and flies smoother without horizontal stabs installed. Horizontal stabs are only necessary when flying with floats. There is no other reason to have them installed. If you are planning on installing them because you think they look cool then you are barking up the wrong tree. As many of you know my father's crash may have been due to a horizontal stab failure as a result of a modification he made to the way the stabs mounted to the boom. We needed to use the stabs because we flew it with the floats installed. My recommendation is if it is not a necessary part for the helicopter to fly then don't install it and chance having something unnecessary fail and possibly kill you. Vertical and horizontal stabs on any brand of production helicopters are constantly inspected for cracks and are found to have cracks a lot of the time. Those machines really benefit from the stabs because of the speeds at which they operate. The Mosquito enjoys no benefit from the horizontal stab even at higher airspeeds. If you will notice John Uptigrove doesn't run a vertical or horizontal stab on his XE. I think the vertical stab is a worthy add on as it does help keep the aircraft in trim a little easier and it may help in the event of a tail rotor malfunction and it may also help in autorotational landings. My 2 cents about stabs.

even my mosquito xe helicopter is tail heavy, I think the cause is the horizontal stabilizers.
my impression, however, is that the best helicopter flight with the horizontal stabilizer, because without them, the tail remains high and the flight does not seem pleasant.
I'm currently flying with a single horizontal stabilizer, I think it is a compromise, but I still have problems with heavy tail.
a question, if the helicopter is not perfectly balanced statically, the vibrations are more intense?

anche il mio elicottero mosquito xe è pesante di coda, credo proprio che la causa siano gli stabilizzatori orizzontali.
la mia impressione però è che l'elicottero voli meglio con lo stabilizzatore orizzontale, perchè senza di questi, la coda rimane alta e il volo non mi sembra piacevole.
attualmente stò volando con un solo stabilizzatore orizzontale, credo sia un compromesso, ma ho ancora problemi di coda pesante.
una domanda, se l'elicottero non è perfettamente bilanciato staticamente, le vibrazioni sono più intense?
Yes, if the balance is off it can cause more vibration because the rotor hub is not exactly perpendicular to the main shaft.
Mike Messex (Marcher07) sent you a PM.
XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
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