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XEL Engine Availability
I contacted Composite FX the other day as I was interested in purchasing an XEL. I was informed that the company that produced the engines was sold to another company and they have yet to start any production. I asked about the possibility of purchasing a used XEL but was told I also will not be able to get the 50hr maintenance parts. Is there another type of engine that can be used and still qualify as an ultralight?

Looking for any and all suggestions. Cannot get a Medical so that direction is out and I really do not want to purchase a Gyrocopter. 

Thanks in advance.
No, currently only the MZ motor is light enough to qualify the aircraft as UL
So in theory all of these UL XEL's can be turned into paperweights with this engine issue?
(01-31-2020, 03:49 PM)marcher07 Wrote: In theory pretty much anything can happen, in theory, engine conversion, or maybe fiat will begin delivery or the spare parts you need the Chinese guys who bought the rights and the containers of stuff from the Leon may have the pieces you need 
Its not like we had any control of the events

I assume this is Mike the gentleman I spoke w/ on the phone. I was not by any means saying you guys had control. I was just trying to reach out to the public to see if anyone else had any recommendations. I actually appreciate the help you and Dwight provided me. Not many companies would be as honest in saying that holding off on moving forward right now would not be in my best interest.

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