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New member introduction and ask for help
Hi everyone,
I'm new here and to helicopters, and would like to introduce myself.
I'm in the SF Bay area, California. I've been doing a lot of mechanical work on cars, completely rebuilt several motors and pretty good with mechanics in general.
This is my first adventure supporting flying machines. In my military service I was trained to take them down, so hope that instinct goes away ?

I found an XE for sale locally and wondered if there's any local (SF Bay area) member that could help with an inspection?

Thanks and looking forward to flying with you soon.

Mike Messex (marcher07) is a Composite FX factory mechanic Rep. He does pre-purchase inspections, assists in repairs, and a host of other thing dealing with the Mosquito. That would be my first choice! Send him a PM (private message). 

XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014
I'm in the SF Bay Area also. Although I may not be able to help with a pre-purchase inspection, I would like to see a Mosquito up close, and would like to see this local Mosquito either before or after you purchase it. Please let me know either way what happens to the Mosquito you're looking at. Thanks.

I contacted Mike and will arrange with him to inspect it before buying.
But before I fly Mike all the way to California, I'm going to inspect it myself. So, I'm trying to learn and since it will be my first time seeing the bird, I'm looking for advice.

My first concerns so far are:
1. Are all the parts there? I'm looking for a parts list. The seller claims this was inherited as a never finished project. I've seen some collectible cars under that description that were just missing the gearbox or carburetor or whatever. 
2. What have it been through? Seller doesn't know it so was it crashed/burned/engine swap?
3. What exactly is it? seller claims it's an Ultra Light that you don't need anything to fly it but it looks like an XE to me because of vertical stabilizers, no floats, extra box under cockpit (aux fuel or storage?)
4. Are there any updates I need to do to it? Seller says run before boxed but doesn't know when was it boxed and what was done to it prior to that.

Again any help or advise is highly appreciated. I know those forums are full of enthusiasts that have seen a thing or two and could help. 

Thanks for any hint.

This is the bird probably around first half of 2014 at Composite FX in Florida. This is before it was taken apart for shipping to the customer.

The box on the bottom is a storage box. If it is to be an ultralight, it requires the floats (to make the weight rule - floats add weight margin). The horizontal stabilizers are required for the floats. As to the rest, that's all I can tell from the pic. Is the rag covering up an N number? If not, then the bird has not been registered, which means it probably does not have an airworthiness certificate, which means it can only operate in the ultralight category. This means the fuel tank must also be tapped to only allow 5 gals of fuel to meet the reg.
XE285 #1329 N869DJ
Start: June 2018
Done:  Sep 12, 2018  Sleepy 
AWC Issued: Sep 26, 2018  Big Grin  
If it was built up for a customer at the factory without customer participation, then it's a XEL. The tail stinger would indicate XEL. If still not sure and if you have access to the serial number, call CFX and they'll be able to tell you how it was build up. XEL or XE.
Dave Storey
to be UL, the luggage carrier would not technically be allowed, (but seen before). Don't see the floats. Can't tell if the skids are drilled or if its thin windshield. Most likley built as the XEL. You have to look inside for mods and updates. Engine swaps aren't an issue, (trivia the early 202 engines didn't have serial numbers) with upgrades to 285 and turbines being relatively common.
I did some more research and it looks like this helicopter belonged to Rick Dunham that was active here as Baja.

He's been at several fly-inns so if anyone can share some details about the bird, it will be highly appreciated. Especially if it was an XE or XEL or any major concerns that need to be addressed before it flies again (and it will !!!!)

Thanks! I love this forum already.
You need the serial number and talk to the factory.
XE285 #1329 N869DJ
Start: June 2018
Done:  Sep 12, 2018  Sleepy 
AWC Issued: Sep 26, 2018  Big Grin  
I looked thru BAJAs posts. Looks like it was built as an XEL in 2010. At 6 hours it had a low rpm induced hard landing. CFX rebuilt XEL to like new w/new upper paint scheme. Looks like John Uptigrove flew it at Oshkosh 2011. Didn't see any pictures with luggage compartment so it must have been added later. Caution, that may put you out of Part 103 weight limits. 

Original paint scheme.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1089]

John Uptigrove Oshkosh 2011.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1504]

Hope it helps.
Dave Storey

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