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Trenton 2018 Fly-In, Get ready!

You all have an idea of what I am about to say. April will be here before you know it and if you don't start planning now you may miss another Mosquito Fly-In. It is such a great feeling to be around like minded people! I had the pleasure of meeting and putting names with faces to even more people on this forum as well as reconnecting with old friends. One of the best things is the ability to have a face to face chat and discuss things without typing! The Composite FX crew is comprised of a bunch of regular folks. It is a Mom and Pop operation and that is what makes it  so desirable to be around. There is a wealth of knowledge at this event and it flows freely.

As I stated once before, I have always dreamed of having a helicopter and I am one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Mosquito. I have already started preparing for the up coming fly-in because if I start to prepare early I always attend. Last year I was not able to take my heli due to lack of a trailer. That problem has been addressed as l have purchased an enclosed trailer that hopefully will also be my living quarters. So if you are wanting to go to the 2018 Fly-In start preparing NOW! It will only solidify your desire.
XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014
2018 Fly-In is April 7-8. Start planning!
XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014
On my calendar. The Composite FX website is still showing the 2017 page.

Can anyone recommend a nearby RV campground?
XE285 #1329 N869DJ
Start: June 2018
Done:  Sep 12, 2018  Sleepy 
AWC Issued: Sep 26, 2018  Big Grin  
If your camper is self sustaining you can park at the factory. Look at instructions under past fly-ins. I have seen buses, toy haulers, tents, campers, you name it! Plan on having a great time.

Here is a link to the 2016 instructions.

XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014
Thanks! See you there.
XE285 #1329 N869DJ
Start: June 2018
Done:  Sep 12, 2018  Sleepy 
AWC Issued: Sep 26, 2018  Big Grin  
OK, It's Official!!!
XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014
Annual Mosquito Helicopter Fly in
7-8 April 2018
9069 SE County Rd 319
Trenton, FL 32693

GPS vicinity
Latitude N 29 36.402
Longitude W 82 48.286

Closest Airports:
Gainesville (GNV) commercial carriers
Cross City (CTY)

Transportation: –make your own arrangements there is no scheduled shuttle service, friends are good to know.

Rental Car: Gainesville Airport

There are no rooms available on site so if you plan on staying onsite bring a tent or mobile home. If you plan on camping there are no showers, and sinks are scarce however, there is a hose. Think rustic and roughing it.

There are a number of hotel/motels in Chiefland, Fanning Springs and in Newberry a quick check of the internet see below listing – the big however is – don’t know if all info is current and the quality of the rooms range from the primitive it’s a bed and shower and you don’t want to walk on the carpet to it’s a chain and presentable.

Best Western Suwannee Valley Inn
1125 North Young Boulevard, Chiefland, FL
(352) 493-0663

Days Inn Chiefland
809 NW 21st Ave, Chiefland, FL
(352) 493-9400 ‎ ·

Holiday Inn Express Chiefland
809 Northwest 21 Avenue, Chiefland, FL
(352) 493-9400 ‎

Manateesprings Motel
2226 North Young Boulevard, Chiefland, FL
(352) 493-2991

Fanning Springs
Park Inn
17850 NW Us Highway 19, Fanning Springs, FL
(352) 463-2069 ‎

Cadillac Motel
7490 N US Highway 19, Fanning Springs, FL
(352) 463-2188 ‎

Suwannee River Motel
17210 NW Us Highway 19, Fanning Springs, FL
(352) 463-7563 ‎
a hunters lodge don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed about 20 bucks a night

Crystal Inn-Fanning Springs
16951 NW Us Highway 19, Fanning Springs, FL
(352) 463-7214 ‎

Sunny South Motel‎
105 SW 250th St
Newberry, FL 32669
(352) 472-2401

Porta-Potties scattered around the area. There is a septic system supporting the hangar but it clogs easy and ‘CAN NOT’ support a lot of use so use the porta potties.

Coordination is underway for a caterer for munchies and drinks during the day. There are also plans for dinner on site both Sat and Sunday. Pay upon registration, fill the bucket full of money to offset the expense and help out. It’s a first come first serve if your late may only be left overs. In town there is a subway, a burger spot, McDonalds and Hichcocks grocery store. Hitchcocks serves deli bar type food and there are also a couple sit down restaurants Hobo’s and one across the street. Anything else is bring it or travel to Newberry, Chiefland, or Fanning Springs.

General Information:

Safety Operations: Formal designation of responsibilities will happen the day of the event.

Air Operations. See the Air Operations Annex There will be pilots briefing conducted every morning give or take around 9(ish).

Maintenance Operation

Scheduled Maintenance
If you are planning on bringing a Mosquito that you want maintenance done on call coordinate the desires

Unscheduled Maintenance:
We’ll do what we can to keep you flying

Fuel and Oil
There is a gas station about a mile away, oil if you’re in a pinch there’s oil earmarked for use and available.

Grounds and Onsite Don’t park in the way of traffic – questions ask for Norbert

Sign in
When you get there Sign in at hangar on the white board, if you are an owner or builder of a mosquito add your name and aircraft serial number. If you plan on flying sign the liability release form at sign in.


Parking overnight will be in the second (new) hangar. Hangar one will be for maintenance operations. The maintenance run up and departure pad will be behind hangar one. Flight departures will be across the street in the North Field

Campers and Trailers
Mobile homes and Trailers, park in a row, back in to the area See the map below on locations, those familiar with the grounds – keep the area in front of the office clear -
Campers have to be self-contained electrical and sewage – if in doubt check with Chip. Basically don’t clog up the exit roads or in front of the hangars

Vehicle Parking and small trailers
Will be in the North end of Eddys Field or across the street in the North Field

Tent Camping
Will be between hangar 1 and hangar 2 towards the grain silos

T shirts and such
Robin, Dwights wife, will have a limited quantity of shirts and hats for sale

Emergency Medical and Fire
Nothing scheduled to be onsite and will be provided by the local volunteer by way of 911

Flight Operations

The following rules are established for the orderly and predictable operation of all aircraft attending the Mosquito Factory Fly in.


Safety is the insurance of continued enjoyment for all who attend and participate at the fly in therefore the rules of operation are established for the safe operation of all aircraft and shall be observed for the duration of the event. It is the responsibility of all attending and participating pilots to operate by these rules.


Emergencies or potential emergencies are an acceptable reason to deviate from any or all of the established rules to the extent required as judged by the pilot for the best possible outcome.

Pilot Responsibilities

All pilots are responsible for the safe operation of their aircraft while attending the Mosquito factory fly in. This event is being conducted on private property without implementing positive control over the airspace. However, since it is private property the Air Boss has the authority to stop any and /or all operations as necessary.


Due to the fact that some of the attending aircraft are not equipped with communications radios these rules are established to ensure the maximum situational awareness and predictable operation of aircraft for all participants. The use of two way radio communication although not mandatory may be used to enhance situational awareness but will not negate adherence to any of the established rules. 123.025 will be the CTAF frequency for the fly in. When making traffic calls make your calls to “Trenton Traffic” This is a common helicopter air to air frequency so you may hear other traffic transiting near the area.

Rules of Operation

1. All aircraft must approach the active runway area at a right angle in relation to the centerline when crossing or entering or exiting. Prior to crossing or entering the active the pilot will make a visual check for other aircraft. All aircraft must slow to a fast walking pace before leaving the active runway area once again visually checking for other traffic.
2. All aircraft must remain at or below a fast walking pace when operating in the hover area south of the runway on the north field and in the northwest corner of Eddy Thompson Field.
3. Arrivals/departures and multiple closed traffic patterns must originate and terminate over the active runway. This means that no pilot may make a departure or arrival from anywhere other than the active.
4. Extended Hovering on the active is prohibited. Hovering on the active should be limited to positioning for takeoff, departing the active after approach or transiting from one hover area to another.
5. There are four Hover areas but the Hover/Fly area north of the runway is the only area that may be used for Maneuvering and high speed flight. While maneuvering in the north hover area pilots shall limit their altitude to go no higher than the surrounding trees or obstacles in order to stay below the traffic pattern.
6. All helicopters will yield to the Training helicopter(s) and/or the helicopter giving rides. Keep a safe distance from the training helicopters since the instructor(s) will be trying to concentrate on teaching their students.
7. Formation flights will only be conducted after a briefing is conducted between all of the formation participants prior to each formation flight. If you did not attend a formal formation briefing between all the participants of the formation flight then do not attempt to join the formation while in flight.
8. Before flying all pilots will receive a daily flight update briefing from the Air Boss either in a group at the morning pilot’s brief or one on one if attendance at the pilot’s brief is not possible. No one has permission to fly until they receive the daily brief so make sure you get briefed before you fly! The pilot’s brief is tentatively scheduled for 9:00 AM each day of the fly in.
9. The Air Boss can and will make additional rules and or revisions as need throughout the fly in. If you have any good ideas or see any potentially unsafe factors please report your findings to the Air Boss so we can address the issues and implement changes.

Transient Aircraft

Any aircraft that will be flying into the fly in must call and or email the Air Boss so that parking can be coordinated for your arrival and so that you can be briefed. If you send an email you will need to include your name, type and color of aircraft, tail number (unless you are an ultralight), phone number and approximate time of your arrival. The email must be followed up with a phone call at some point to confirm your arrival or cancellation preferably the day of your arrival or the day before. Try to make one last confirmatory phone call just before you depart for the fly in to give an updated estimated time of arrival.

The Factory field is at: N 29 36.40 W 82 48.28 and elevation is 58’. If you have a radio make your calls to: “Mosquito Air Boss” on VHF 123.025. Once you are over the field make a high orbit and look for a ground guide in the vicinity of the runway to show you to your parking place. Remember that other aircraft flying in the vicinity may be participating without a radio so see and avoid rules are in effect.
Hazards to Flight

Immediate hazards to flight include but are not limited to a 322’ tower approximately 2/3 of a mile north of the active and multiple private/General Aviation airports within 20 miles. Keep a vigilant watch for aircraft operating at low altitudes and birds. This is the south where birds migrate to in the winter.
10 more days to go!
"Pilots - Looking down on people since 1903"
(on a shirt my daughter gave me - author unknown)
Van's Aircraft RV-9 (dragon tail) Flying
Mosquito XEL, factory assist build, flying.
I'm out the door!

I'm out the door!
XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014
(04-02-2018, 12:14 PM)FlyGuy Wrote: I'm out the door!

GO!  GO!  GO!  Drive safe!  See you in 5 days.

"Pilots - Looking down on people since 1903"
(on a shirt my daughter gave me - author unknown)
Van's Aircraft RV-9 (dragon tail) Flying
Mosquito XEL, factory assist build, flying.

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