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Mosquito Helicopter News
I like the new web site John. I have been following the Mosquito for some time now and hope to purchase sometime this year. I started my lessons in Janurary and have 7.1 hours up to this point. I was very impressed with the quality of the machine when I looked at it at Oshkosh. Any plans for a 4 stroke engine like the Aerotwins? How many kits have you sold at this point? How many are flying? Any builders near Michigan?
Thankyou Doug,
the new site was designed by my NZ/Australia dealer, very talented on the computer. Check out his Mosquito XEL giveaway

I've been talking to the Aerotwin guy for some time as well as HKS. Right now we are working on adapting a turbine which we should have ready by Oshkosh. Once that is done we should be better able to adapt a four stroke as we will have a horizontal input.
We have an XE builder in Minnesota. I'll see if he wants to get on to the forum. We've sold 43 kits now and have several more that are sending orders in now. About 14 are flying now.
Hello! I was wondering, if I buy the machine, do I pay for the shipping extra? Can I come and pick it up with my car? And what kind of licence do I need to fly this helicopter in Canada? How do I know when to replase the different parts of the helicopter (like rotor-blades, frame..etc)? Is there any major difference between the XE and XEL? Could I use the "horizontal stabilizer" on the XE helicopter? And finally, are You going to be at (EAA) Oshkosh this year (2006)? Thank You very much!
I like the setup the way that you have it. I thought using the same transmission for both the tail rotor and the main was slick. How are you going to keep it as light as you have it if you have to transfer the main rotor power through 90 degrees? I belive that the Aerotwin is setup to run horizonally or vertically already so it looks like it would almost be a bolt on except for the weight. If you could make that setup work I would be ready to write the check. Good luck on the new designs I'm sure they will be great. Any pictures would be great.

Just answered your email but I'll post here as well.
Shipping is in addition to the helicopter cost as we could be shipping next door or around the world.
In Canada you need a private helicopter license to fly legally. In the US you don't need a license to fly the open frame or Mosquito XEL but you need a minimum of a fixed wing license to fly the XE as it is not an ultralight.
All time life components on the Mosquito are designed for 500 hours. That includes the blades, bearings, belts and engine rebuild. Thats about 10 years of flying for your average leisure pilot.
The difference between the XE and the XEL is that the XEL has floats. The XEL fits into the ultralight category because of the floats.
You can use the horizontal stabilizer on the XE as well as the XEL.
We will be at Oshkosh as well as at Sun n Fun. I am setting up dealers so soon we will be at many airshows in many countries.

I've been looking at the aerotwin for some time, they even sent us one to display in our booth at Sun n Fun last year. The interface and bearing arrangement unfortunately isn't very friendly with our application. The weight is also not a whole lot less than a lot of other engines by the time everything is added in. We still haven't ruled it out yet.
We do have to go horizontal to install the turbine that we are presently in the process of doing. Since the gear box is right at the turbine pto the rpm is still 6000 so the torque load is fairly light which lets us get away with a lighter gear box. Any higher rpm 4 stroke will let us get away with the same box.
I should note that in reality the two stroke should be more reliable than the four because it has so few moving parts. The big downside of a two stroke is the heat in the piston that never gets a break since there is no cooling intake stroke like there is on a four. We are presently trying out ceramic coating the pistons which has proven itself out very well in racing circles, extending the life of a lot of racing two strokes for the length of the season rather than having to be rebuilt after every race. Applying that to a non racing aircraft engine should go a long way to improving the reliability of the MZ202. I'll keep you up to date on our progress with this.
Hi John,
Been following the progress of the Mosquito since I first saw it at Oshcosh 2003 and Sun N Fun 2004. My son is a Blackhawk pilot in the army and will retire in two years. We're considering the Mosquito or XEL as a project.

I like the new site, but was wondering about the builder's photos which was on the previous site.

Will that be added to this site? How about builder's info, posts, links, etc.?

These are things that are most valuable to potential and active customers alike.

Eddy Thompson
Thankyou for your comments. Yes the builders photo's and progress will be added. This new site has only been live for 72 hours and I'm adding more each day.
The problem I see with the turbine is the same problem I see with the Helicycle, 11 gallons per hour burn rate. You need almost 70 pounds of fuel for one hour of flight. The last time I checked you held 12 gallons in the XE so you would get a little more than an hour with no reserves. Do you plan on using the T-62 and what do you think the fuel consumtion rate will be? Are you increasing the fuel capacity? Is this going to change the empty weight of the Mosquito or are you increasing the main rotor diameter again to increase gross?
I agree, the fuel consumption is definitely going to be higher. However, we will be operating our turbine much closer to its intended operating range as we will be using the T62-2A1 rather than the T62-32. Also, the empty weight of the Mosquito is nearly 1/2 of the Helicycle so there will be significanly less load to carry. The empty weight of the turbine Mosquito will be about 20 lb heavier than it is now so we wont need another rotor diameter increase. Were estimating the fuel consumption to be around the 9 gal/hr mark as compared to the 13-14 gal/hr consumption I've heard as actual rates from Helicycle users. We will also look into adding a smaller second tank to bring us up to a 2 hr or better flight time. We will also be using a mechanical governor to avoid the electronic governor failures the Helicycle has been experiencing.

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