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iEFIS/Standard instrument installation times
(08-10-2019, 02:26 PM)Dick Campbell Wrote: My thought is to install an adjustable friction hold on the collective.  You can already tighten the friction on the throttle to hold its position, but the collective will drop if you let go of it.  Right now, I have other issues, but if I engineer a design I'll let everyone know.

I think it would be too risky to ever let go of the cyclic.

That would seem like the best, least complicated solution.  
Kinda surprised that someone has not come up with this already.

I suppose once its been tested in the field successfully maybe they could incorporate it into the Production units as an optional add-on from a factory approved supplier.

Since John U. (RIP) is not contributing to the design of such things is there a new engineer on the job or are they leaving new development on the back burner for now?

I know its been a difficult year so kudo's to all for holding down the fort and even making some improvements.
I think Dwight's biggest challenge, now that he's gotten everything transferred from Canada, is to establish a reliable supply chain and the resources to support the products they currently have. These are just my personal opinions, I have no inside information.
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