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My First XET Flight
Here is some video from Monday on my first test drive of a Mosquito. We did not have a great camera so the video quality is not that good, but the sound is sweet. Thanks Rob!

Scott, very cool, nice flying!!

Excellent. Can't wait to try it myself!!! Post more video!
That was great Scott!! You must have a couple of hours under your belt eh? You handled that ol bird like you've been flying her for years. All in all it was a very impressive looking flight, and I for one very much enjoyed it. Thanks for posting, and
we hope you'll be a permanant part of our forums now.

You handle that thing like "Sky King"! Rock steady. Rob's machine is gorgeous. I even got to see my dad's picture on the tree as you flew past it (Thanks Rob). Great video. Thanks for posting.
Sorry for the super shaky video Scott, I was trying to enjoy watching you fly to the fullest extent I could while video taping at the same time, doesn't always work out that great =(. You just don't get to see an XET fly every day, for me it's usually only once a year lol. You flew it quite impressively right off the bat I must say, it was fun watching you fly and great meeting you. Good luck on your build =).
Wait a minute, scott who, that's my helicopter, what the heck?.................I'm kidding yeah scott did as good a job for a first timer in a mosquito as anyone I ever seen, BUT he's no first timer in helo's got a ton of experience, hence why his butt was in the seat. I don't just hand they keys to anyone to my baby. I had done two weight and balances for my light butt and let's just say the heavier individuals and it worked great for figuring the cg for scott. Now I'm gonna tease scott for stealing all the glory in my helicopter, "mr hollywood.............I'm kidding. Actually Scott asked me over and over, "you wanna fly". I said "na, I get to all the time, not everyday I get to watch my bird fly from another prospective and it was about as fun as flying myself".

Rob 3
I can't thank Rob enough for letting me fly his ship. What an incredible job he did on it. I am not sure who was more nervous, Rob or me, but the mosquito is such a great flying helicopter, I was comfortable in no time at all. I believe that is a testament to the great folks that built this machine. I am chomping at the bit to get started on mine. Rob, lets see some Go Pro footage!


The "Heavier Individual"
Well let me clarify ur not fat scott, I'm just a extra light weight, so don't get a complex or anything , lmao! I'm working on changing my CG as I type at jimmy johns downing a roastbeef sub and its really good. Speaking of cg just for some discusion subject I. Fly with 16lbs in the nose, we use dive weights so u can change out from pilot 2 pilot very easy. One thing I have noticed flying with main and aux completley full, u will notice a bit of aft cyclic pressure, obvoiusly because the full fuel puts the cg a bit aft from normal. Its not bad or unsafe but annoying, so I carry an extra 2lbs dive weight if I fly completely full. If u land and take off agian with the less than completley topped off situation simply take the two lbs out or reposition the weight to near the seat so its over the cg, this works great for me to really fine tune my cyclic pressure at different weights without the need for some complicated trim system.
I weigh 225lbs and I have 3lbs in the nose of my XET, guess that makes me the heaviest individual! The FedEx scales at work say I am 230, I am goin with my walmart scales reading! I too notice a little back pressure on the cyclic ina hover, it feels funny having to move the "Igor Sikorski", straight cyclic stick as Eddie Thompson [god rest his merry old soul] used to call it, quite a distance forward for forward flight because I am so used to an Enstrom style curved cyclic, or the R22 wierd strange [but now I am used to it] stick. I think befor the fly-in I am going to have to install an "Ubercool" curved cyclic to keep up with the other XET pilots! I watched one of your videos Rob and you apear to have the same length of forward cyclic travel as I have when I fly it.

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