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Problem France registration ...
Hello, I am the proud owner of a Mosquito XE-285.

Buy from the French importer Didier Lagneau.

I meet a big problem with the papers of my mosquito, he provided the necessary papers for the registration in France, the problem the administration in France refused the registration.

Didier is no longer officially representing the Mosquito in Europe!

Since the death of the founder, these papers are no longer official ...

How should I do?

The administration in France said that I must contact you, you have to file a folder for mosquito in Europe?

Thank you .

I think rather than post on the Forum, you need to contact the factory (Composite FX). Keep in mind that laws in France and the US differ but maybe they can help.

XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014
Contact with the details of what you need
Hello Titta, had the problem with a French approved XET at the DGAC to register for me, my solution was a "friend" a phone and 3 days later I had the documents, Greetings from CH, Christian
I am currently working to resolve this issue. Once I have a resolution, I will post on here for everyone else. Should have a definitive answer this week.

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Jessica Warren
Marketing Director

Does anyone have a phone number of who to call in France to resolve this issue? I have been given the name and email address for Gilles La Breton but he has not returned any of my emails.
Jessica Warren
Marketing Director


I’ve emailed some contact details to

ATB, Peter.
I have been working with Peter Jackson for some time on resolving the registration issues with the DGAC.  At this time, we have are happy to announce that we have a resolution, or at least hope we do.  The attached form is available from the DGAC and will need to be signed by us as Composite-FX.  Once signed, we will scan and email you a copy and also mail you the original.  It is unclear if the DGAC will accept a scanned copy but we will know this soon.  This form should resolve any issues with registering your helicopter.  If you have any other issues with this, please feel free to email me at

You can also contact Peter at who can explain more in depth about the DGAC registration process.  And a big shout out to Peter for his diligence and assistance with this.

As always, happy flying! Smile

Marketing Director

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.pdf   DGAC type approval cert.pdf (Size: 119.84 KB / Downloads: 45)
Jessica Warren
Marketing Director

I am having similar problems to renew my registration at the DGAC like some people before in this post. Unfortunately, the link to download the here posted file “DGAC type approval cert.pdf” is not working anymore. Is someone able to send me that file? Thank you for your help. Daniel

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