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Flight training
Hi all! I’ve been flying Gyroplanes for twenty years on my farm here in Louisiana( just basically a hobby,no airports). My question is to you guys that have been in this for a while, I want one of these mosquitoes and need some training to learn to fly it and it not cost me an arm and leg to learn. Anybody have any ideas for me on what to do. Again this will just be flown around my farm.
If you haven't already seen it, Mad Mosquito's post #3 in this thread might be helpful:

I asked the question of how to spend the first 10 hours of training as I thought at that time that 10 hours was needed to qualify for the discount on the Mosquito kit. I'm not sure if it has been changed to require a solo sign off in your logbook before you qualify for the discount. I have just recently soloed in a R22 and am working on my cross country solos. I don't have a Mosquito yet, but I think it would be a good idea to have at least had training up to a solo sign off as a minimum before  flying around in forward flight in a Mosquito. There is a 20 hour minimum before soloing in a R22, but other helicopters do not have that requirement, so you may be able to solo with less. I think learning to hover in a simulator like X-Plane 11 with helicopter controls is very helpful in developing muscle memory, and I think will decrease the time/expense in learning to hover in real life.
The biggest difference between a helicopter and a fixed wing or gyro is hovering. And it is an entirely different skill set (which you can't get in a gyro). Since all helicopter maneuvers usually begin or end with a hover, you have to learn that first. If you can do that and get signed off for solo, you should be good to go to learn the Mosquito.
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