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Why did you pick a Mosquito?
I have been following the Mosquito for a while now and like what I see. My question to you is, why did you picked this Helicopter over a Rotorway, Safari or Helicycle?
Design, cost & it’s future.

I’ll try to keep this short. LOL!!!!

Design: when I was looking, of all the experimental kit helicopters that are available to us here in the U.S., the mosquito’s design was and still is, the most modern and ergonomically designed that uses modern metallurgy and composites. There isn’t any part that is cast then milled. It’s all modern CNC which means if I have a accident 10 years down the road and I order a new part, it will fit exactly as the previous part. I said it before, to me the mosquitos mechanical design is basically a over built, over sized RC helicopter. No NTSB reports of catastrophic failure due to design.

Cost: First off, the price of that second seat basically triples the price for a complete helicopter. For me, that extra cost is way more then anyone will ever spend on the cost of buying, building, flying, trailering and maintaining a single seat helicopter. How often would I really take a passenger in the foreseeable future? I would say less than 5% of the time in reality. That is a high expense for the occasion when you want to give someone a ride. I have fixed wings for that. LOL.

It’s Future: The Helicycle is really the only competition for the XE Series line up as far as single seats go. Sadly, after BJ Schramm passed away, that company has been steadily slowing down. Last I heard is that a customer has purchased all inventory from Eagle R&D to try and keep it going. Back when I called trying to purchase a kit, prices had soared and I calculated it would take about 5 years to get all the kit sections to build.
When John Uptigrove passed away, some people got nervous about the mosquito’s future. Composite FX not only handled the transition but is actively progressing the helicopter line and growing with no signs of stopping. So whenever down the road I need to order that part, I felt confident that CFX would still be there.
Dave Storey
I was similar to Dave above regarding the Helicycle. It didnt seem too clear the 'production run' idea, and if there was any support for parts, maintenance etc in between runs or down the line. Also the cockpit looked a bit more restricted on forward vision than the Mosquito.

I actually really like the Safari's (Rotorways not as much), but I'm outside the USA, in NZ. Over here we have a microlight category, then what you would call general aviation. The Safari (and Rotorway) are too heavy for our microlight category so go in general aviation, which then needs a helicopter PPL. And if you weren't the original 51% builder you cant do the maintenance yourself on those machines (so have to pay a LAME - $$$). Also seeing the Safari's up close, there are a lot of small changes that can be done in the design to improve it, but the factory stick solidly to the existing and wont budge, dont know why that is.

Then coming to the Mosquito. We have a fantastic 'Microlight' category here that the Mosquito fits in, where we have a simplified type license and medicals, and can do our own maintenance. There seemed to be a relatively big community and support for the Mosquito. An established factory where parts and support seemed readily available. The design had lots of great ideas that looked simple and reliable. I liked the look of the turbine setup but wasn't sure about getting it serviced etc in my country (and wouldn't want to export it then import it again for maintenance/servicing) so went with the XE285. I still think there's room for improvement in the Inntec 800's conversion to aircraft use, hopefully there may be changes/development made by the factory or maybe the community itself (or maybe even me, never know). There is also Oskar's progress on the fully electric Mosquito which is well worth watching.

XE285 in NZ
I'll echo what Dave said. My helo flight instructors asked me what I was going to do with my ticket, since I was just getting the rating for fun, and they said they had heard good things about the Mosquito. I also liked the price and the Mogas option for the 285.
XE285 #1329 N869DJ
Start: June 2018
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