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License-2020 VISION-need help
Good morning everyone, Im new here..
Currently down with the Covid virus and have been fishing around on computer spending my time, keeping busy...
I NEED SOME HELP: Exclamation
Back in the early 90s i began my carreer in flight, training to be a pilot.. I logged approx 34 hrs of instructed flight time in a Cessna single engine (152 i think).
I never did my solo flight.. I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in January of 91 which left me 90% blind in my right eye. My other eye is fine with corrective lenses.
With my above stated medical condition, can I pursue a "Legal usage" of one of these units.. For my own personal use, from home to shore, to upstate NY, ECT...
After viewing the youtube channel on these units i became really RE-interested because i can afford a "cheaper purchase"..
Ive always wanted to continue my flight(now hobby) but have pretty much given up because im under the impression i cant do anything(aviation wise) because of my vision..
Please help me out with some information, as ID LOVE TO GET BACK INTO THIS!!!! Heart Big Grin
Thanks in advance,
Let's just say I know a guy that knows a guy.

Guys name is Vance Breese. Ex motorcycle racer, suffered severe head trauma, blind in one eye. With a lot of work he was able to obtain a pilot certificate with certain limitations due to his condition. He has actually been able to work his way up to gyroplane CFI. You would have to contact him for the wherefores and howtos. He occasionally hangs out on the Rotary Wing forum. User name is Vance.

I'm sure there are others but that's the only one I know of for sure. Good luck.

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