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4 stroke engine..
Hmm, I just stumbled across this site, which offers rotary engines built for use in UAV's. Looks like they may be good candidates, though TBOs might be an issue...
That does look interesting.
I'd be curious to see John U's take.
The 60 hp fuel injection version says 57.7 lbs with cooling system and governor, lighter than the MZ202.
That's at 8,000 RPM, probably have to change the sprocket ratios a bit.
I talked with John at oshkosh and he said he was thinking rotary after the 4stroke failer. These maybe good candidates. Not sure but it may run backwards to the 202, but could be changed in the gear box
Will this rotary run horizotal and what is the price tag?
Will this rotary run horizontal and what is the price tag?
D Zook Hoping to build soon.
I search the internet regularly for engines. These came to my attention a few years ago. These engines are produced for use in UAV's for military drones and the like and so of course the cost is out of reach. The projected life if minimal since they are air cooled rotaries. Intake and combustion always occur in the same spot on opposite sides of the engine so air cooling struggles to provide adequate cooling to keep the engine from distorting and overheating.
The Aixro Rotary was also very interesting to look into but it turns out that since it is charge cooled (intake air goes through the center of the rotor on its way to the combustion chamber) and uses a split induction system it can only produce its rated power for about 10-15 seconds before it melts down. It can only produce about 1/2 of its rated power continuously. Works great for go karts but not for continuous power aircraft applications.
Hi John
is it fair to say that there will be no other engine option then the 2 stroke or turbine in the foreseeable future?
I can't help but respond to this type of thread everytime someone brings up how scared they are of 2 strokes but I'm going to repeat myself hoping that someone out there will go ahead and take the chance like I did and trust that little 202 just so he/she can get the same enjoyment out of this little helicopter the same as I do. It's a once in a lifetime experience for people like me and for you older guys and gals like me, don't put it off any longer simply because you're waiting for this MAGIC engine to appear soon, cause it ain't gonna happen. For you younger people, you have time to wait and save and train.
I absolutely hated 2 stroke engines for the first 55 out of 59 years of my life because I didn't know much about them but once you start talking to the 2 stroke experts out there, you'll soon find out that they're not near as bad as most people portray them to be. Make the decision to learn about them and you'll soon change your mind. Not only that but Most of all, if you think your powerplant is somewhat substandard, it forces you to become a better and safer pilot, i.e. not flying in the dead man's curve, practicing those autos everytime you go up, constantly watching for a place to land etc. etc. Always keep in mind that Any engine can fail at Anytime. I've got 57 hrs. on mine and couldn't be happier with it. Sure, you gotta put up with mixing the fuel, but when you compare cost, weight, power, and reliability, it's gonna be a loooooong time before they top that little MZ202.
calm yourself Gary, lol
Although it would be neat to see a 4 stroke as an option, I will be sticking with the MZ.
I do find it funny when somebody complains about the inconvenience of mixing oil in a predetermined amount into the gas with a measuring cup. Would it not take much much longer to preflight the 4stroke. You must check coolant levels waterpump condition and additional belts and hoses for leaks and cracks if water cooled and, checking and adding oil to the engine...These added inspections would need to be added before every flight vs. simply mixing a few ounces of oil into the fuel.

Just a thought....


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