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Must Have Item for XET GUYS
Hey Turbine guys I had been looking for a good JET-A nozzle reducer, and yesterday by accident I found a great one. As you guys know most FBO self serve pumps and Jet-A trucks are required to have a duckbill nozzle to keep from misfueling a piston powered aircraft which has a smaller opening. Even if your FBO does have the smooth nozzle the diameter barely fits in the main fuel tank and impossible to fill the AUX TANK. I went to a FBO yesterday with my truck to fill up a filtered tank I have mounted on a trailer I can keep at the house for fuel storage. They had the duckbill, and I asked the FBO if they had another nozzle we could put on tempory, and its a pain for them to change because technically anytime its changed a entry has to be made and its messy. Guy said, "I got just the thing".

Well here it is a rubber slip on made for a duckbill and reduces to a small diameter small enough to fill a mosquito. Works great, it's light and can be carried with you in a plastic bag. I bought one yesterday.

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Nice, How much and where can I get one. That is one of the small things I hand kinda not taken into consideration.
Devon I'll e-mail you the info

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