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Can't access my email at the moment (for a week) so can I send you a PM about this subject please.

looks like I am going to be in florida by the end of the month on other business so I am planning on dropping in to the factory to check things out and meet the crew. should be fun
kelly - 8/7/2013 11:32 AM

well........just got off the phone with dwight and not good news.....

they still don't have parts for the engine and enigma doesn't even make the panel anymore.....looks like a few more months and probably next year. I am in canada so flying an xet after october isn't an option anyways. In hindsight I guess I wouldn't have spent the 60K to get licenced in time for this summer. been so long since I have flown I would need to take more lesson$ and my buddy who was going to go halfers on the bird bailed and got something else because it took so long....bottom line.....can't afford it so if anyone is interested in taking over the build let me know

really........almost a month and nobody is looking for an XET?
advertise it on barnstormer
mosquito - 8/8/2013 8:20 AM


Sometimes we run into supplier issues like this one with the Enigma panel. We've been after them for a solution and it sounds as though he has come up with something so we should be back in business shortly. Your chopper is pretty much done so as soon as the panel comes in we'll finish it up.

John, Dwight

just ironing out some details for my trip down to florida. just wanted to check and make sure you are ready for me and the chopper is ready to fly away?


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