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Alternate Wiring
With all this build your own harness and the like, new connectors/pins are sometimes required.
Chasing them down can be a challenge. For the CDI here is what I have so far:
Connectors to interface with IDM CDI are from Sumitomo Japan.
Original part number is: 6180-2331 connector with 2pins, 6180-4331 connector with 4pins
The above information was provided by Dr. Franco Imoli of IDM S.r.l Italia.
I am trying to locate a source for these items. Sumitomo US does not import or make these parts available to US Distributors.
Compact Radial Engines may have the piece parts, but has, so far, not responded to a phone call or email on the question.

I'm not sure but try , terminal supply co. 1-800-989-9632 . I've seen connectors like these in there catologe.
Any source found for the CDI connectors?
I got them directly from IDM. From memory the minimum order was 200 Euro, I suggest somebody in the US gets a whole bag and then sells them on to whoever wants some.

Do any of you guys have any of the 6180-4331 and 6180-2331 connectors that you would be willing to sell me? If not would anyone be willing to go in with me on buying them from IDM? I checked with IDM, it would cost (min order) 150 euros +VAT +shipping. I want to rewire my MZ 202 that I have on a gyroplane.

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