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FAA Rotor Conference - FlyGuy - 09-02-2020

Howdy Rotorheads,

Got this information from and thought some of you might want to participate seeing how us "rotor guys don't get much attention from the FAA.

Take care and Fly Safe!


2020 Rotorcraft Safety Conference Coming to a Computer Near You

The FAA will host the 2020 FAA International Rotorcraft Safety Conference virtually from October 27-29. The conference will include presentations geared for pilots, mechanics, and the entire helicopter community. There is no cost to attend. For more information, including the agenda, speakers list, and registration link, go to

RE: FAA Rotor Conference - Daryl - 09-12-2020

Thanks for posting this Michael!!  Looking at the agenda, it should provide a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects.  


RE: FAA Rotor Conference - Dick Campbell - 09-17-2020

I'm already signed up.