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Heat shield for Air model
I really don’t trust me making a heat shield and making IT LOOK RIGHT. I do weld and fabricate some in my shop but I’m afraid of welding stand offs to my muffler. I found some wrap and just wondered would it hurt anything if I use it? Not sure if it will hinder the dispersement of heat when applied to muffler. The is for the AIR model .I will post a pic. [Image: f2fa1762f6d48457d0c27b4129ef95b5.jpg]

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If you decided to do a conventional heatshield an idea for the standoffs could be to use large flange rivnuts, to make them easier to weld on.
XE285 in NZ
Hi All, some of our gyro pilots that use the 2 stroke Rotax engines, are having the complete muffler system ceramic coated, inside and outside. This could be something that Mosquito Owners could have done to their machines. Regards Darrell Jones.
From what I have read that sort of heat shielding wraps actually increases the efficiency of the engine by the accelerating hot gasses and sends all the heat out with the exhaust instead of radiating it near the boom.

Absolutely a good idea and I have used it on header pipes myself on aircraft engines to reduce under cowl temps.
Works well.

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