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Awesome video !
Yes, awesomely reckless and dangerous flying! I admit it's an exciting video but dropping the skids in the snow and water at speed is not a good idea along with high speed passes right off the deck. An engine failure in those attitudes would do you in; by the time you recognized and reacted to the failure it would be too late.

It's a cool bird, I would love to fly it.
The CH-7 is nice (and expensive) but you know I've never once seen any videos of it doing autos. Makes me wonder if it has some kind of untoward characteristics or that there's something they're trying to hide.
I'm not gonna get into what was right or wrong about the video, it's a sales production video and its job is to sell helicopters. I'm pretty sure when they filmed this they didn't care about approval of the helicopter public to if the pilot flying broke a FAR or committed a helicopter no no. From an entertainment and production quality it's pretty darn good. I'd love to see one of mosquito's in a production like this to better the health of the company and our community. To me it really speaks for our helicopter that other than a few professional productions that have been done on our bird, we are still the number one kit helicopter in the world. Even if most of our video production is backwoods redneck engineered videos like the one's I have made...
Yeah, I thought the video was very nicely done as well and that guy is a good pilot but the fact that he does some pretty risky things with the helicopter doesn't make him any better of a pilot than anyone else as far as skill is concerned. He is the same guy who flew that same helicopter flew from France to Oshkosh about three years ago. He had an aux fuel tank installed where the second person sits and his longest leg over water was 850KM. That was an amazing feat. He is a factory guy and does what he does very well. The Mosquito factory would probably be smart to get some professional video put together for marketing purposes.
The Mosquito factory would probably be smart to get some professional video put together for marketing purposes.

Yes, and completely rework this web site. Get the marketing to match the quality of the product.
Mark wrote: "He is the same guy who flew that same helicopter flew from France to Oshkosh about three years ago."

Yes Mark, his name is Matthieu de Quillacq, and then from Oshkosh, he continued his flight to Russia-Siberia, where he was stopped for mechanical reasons, and administrative ... A feat! 
It was the summer of 2010

I still want to see some video of a CH-7 doing an auto, I've heard they auto like crap. Has anyone seen one doing an autorotation or do you have a link to a video of one doing autos ?
Well I know from real life experience, the mosquito autos like a dream. And to ad my take on comment about our website to marketing our helicopter, I think our website is the best on the net, Blair does as a good a job as you can do in that regard in my opinion. Maybe some fancier videos and maybe add some more sales/marketing parts to the site, but the format and flow of the site to me works just fine the way it is..
Here is a video of one of the early CH7 crashing. This looks to be an autorotation profile approach but it may just be a late pullout from a powered dive. I don't know for sure but the title does explain a bad auto:

I have not seen any experimental helicopters autorotate but that doesn't mean they won't do it. I find it hard to believe that none of them autorotate well except for the Mosquito but we seem to be the only helicopter that has publicly demonstrated that capability. John Snyder and myself are the only people I know of who have consistently done full down autorotations while at airshows or flyins. I don't know why the pilots of other brands have not done at least one autorotation and video taped it because you would think it would be one of the main things you would want to show prospective customers. Everyone asks how well a machine autos. It's one of the main questions.

I am scratching my head at the negative comment about the Mosquito website. I think it's pretty user friendly and very professional looking and I am very thankful that Blair has been here for us for so many years now. I also think that Dwight and John are very busy people doing what they each do best and that is obviously not making marketing videos for the Mosquito. I think some of us may have to get something together at some point to help them out but I think sales are doing just fine with nothing more than this website. Now that's an amazing product!

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