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Engine Weights
Hi all
Could someone tell me the installed weights of MZ202, Innovative/Inntec 800, and Solar T62-T2A engines?
I am looking into 4-stroke alternatives such as the Viking 90, conversions of the Yamaha RX1 (YG4), Apex (YG4i) EFI and the Phazer (YG2)
I had my Inntec engine off so got a rough weight at the time:

Engine including:
Intake manifold complete with air filters
Exhaust manifold (but not muffler and expansion chamber)
Primary reduction
2 stroke oil bottle half full
Inlet radiator hose
Coils and their mounting brackets
Engine mounting brackets
Radiator fan

Approx 54.5kg

Not on engine at time:
Outlet radiator hose and radiator cap
No Coolant in engine
Muffler and expansion chamber
Coolant expansion bottle

XE285 in NZ
(06-03-2020, 05:30 AM)grevis Wrote: Thanks Gary for comprehensive info
Job, West Sussex
Hi Job_CF, I assume your talking about the actual weights of the different engine assemblies? Not sure on that but I do have some knowledge about the counter weights for the different engines which is a reflection of the engine assembly weights and different engine options tried. 
You may know the majority of this but this is also for others who are interested on what is involved with trying new engine options, especially any engine assembly that is heavier than the current supported engine options. 
There is no set amount of counter weight for the different XE Series models. The XE, XE285 and XET all share the same fuselage and mechanics with the only real difference being the engine options and pilot weights. The amount of the counter weight is dependent on engine selection, options, avionic placement and most importantly pilot weight. The counter weight has been seen to be anywhere from 12lbs to 45lbs (with a very light pilot) on the different models. And if you were to let someone else fly it or sell it, more or less counter weight would be needed depending on the new pilots weight. This is why you usually see weight bags on the dash as they are the easiest to use and change depending on pilot weight. 
The max weight for a pilot is 240lbs. I believe this is a set limit of structure design in the overall picture as with engine weights. Any more pilot and counter weight and you would need to redesign the cabin and mast section to handle the added weight and stresses. And if your looking to add more weight to the aft section where you would attach a heavier 4-stroke engine, well, you would need to redesign that area too. Any more weight than the known current engine weights and 240 max pilot would constitute an evaluation of overall design to handle added weight and stresses. 
Composite FX has been constantly looking at engine options since 2004 that would work on the XE Series. Hirth was originally used on the Mosquito Air but was found to be too heavy and the MZ202 is the only engine light enough with enough power required for safe flight to allow the XEL to exist.
I know that Composite FX has been aggressive in trying many engine options, a Yamaha 4-stroke in fact, with less than desirable results in performance and controllability. Also, as the overall weight goes up, you also start to loose crispness in control authority. Now your looking at changing the control ratios. 
I guess what I'm getting at is I know there is so much more involved when just simply trying new engine options and there is a reason that a 4-stroke option isn't already available for the XE Series line form CFX. Dwight is an extremely smart guy, loves helicopters, loves performance and loves to tackle challenges. For what you are trying to do, you need to contact the Composite FX office and talk to Dwight and tell him what you are trying to do and the information you have. If a newer and lighter 4-stoke engine is available with the right torque values, output shaft placement and so on, Dwight would love to know about it and is THE GUY that can safely help you on such a task as this. I know he would be glad to talk to you about it if you have some viable engine options.
Good luck, I hope this helps and keep us posted!
Dave Storey
Many thanks, Dave for taking the time to reply with loads of info.
There have been quite a few threads on the Mosquito on the Facebook group, Microlight and Ultralight Aircraft
Lots of interest and questions. Maybe you could join in and contribute. Thanks!

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